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Wednesday, December 06, 2006  
Xumdeo's ITU Report on and MobileBurn
LG KE800 Chololate lack Label series
LG U830 HSDPA Chololate Folder
MOTOROKR E6 Thin Touchscreen Linux music device
Nokia 1265 and 1325 (3G Congress)
Samsung F300 Ultra Music
Samsung F500 Ultra Video
Samsung i600 Ultra Messaging
Samsung i9000 WiBRO triple fold UMPC and phone
Sharp 910SH 5MP CCD with 3x opitcal zoom and VGA screen

Listen with your bone, not your ears- NTT DoCoMo’s Sound Leaf Bone Conduction handset
The Sound Leaf Bone Conduction Receiver Microphone is a one-of-a-kind handset that aids voice-calling in noisy environment. Instead of transmitting sound by air, the Sound Leaf makes use of your cranium. So instead of putting the handset against the opening of your ears, you press it against the jaw bone in front of the opening of your ear. Still don’t believe it? Next time when you visit your local doctor, ask him to perform a Rinne’s Hearing Test for you and you will get the hang of it.
The Sound Leaf is already on sale in Japan today, and it works with almost all NTT DoCoMo 3G phones.

NEC N702iS- motion sensor incorperated into UI
NEC N702iS
We don’t usually write about handsets that would not be released outside Japan, but the N702iS is a funny device that incorporates the motion sensor into the user interface. Simply look at the water level as you tilt the phone, the screen will follow; if you turn too fast, there will be bubbles. And as you send files via infrared, the animation looks as if you were draining water to another device, when the water level reaches the bottom, the data transfer is completed. The N702iD is the lower end of NTT DoCoMo WCDMA line.

NEC N903i- 480x690 2.5" screen
NEC N903i
The NEC N903i is part of NTT DoCoMo’s high-end WCDMA series for the holiday season. Here you can find the smooth, link-face design as well as NEC’s signature neuropointer which behaves exactly the same as the trackpointer on your laptop. The camera is a 3MP CMOS with autofocus that supports electronic anti-shake at all 3 axes (x, y, z). The component that really requires attention will be its screen, which is a VGA plus (690x480) TFT display that measures 2.5” diagonally, resolution-wise this is the highest in the phone-world now. Having seen Sharp’s VGA ASV screens and Sony’s 16:9 screens with Bravia RealityMAX Engine Technology, I still have to admit that the screen on N903i is breathtaking. Other obligatory functions supported include Felica contact-less electronic money, DCMX IC credit card, GPS, QR barcode reader and face-recognition.
NEC N903i
NEC N903i

SonyEricsson’s 3” 16:9 screened 3G music phone SO903i
SonyEricsson SO903i
The SO903i is another phone out of DoCoMo’s highend 3G series that deserves attention. First off the screen used here is a 16:9 (320x438pixels) TFT screen that measures 3” diagonally, the Bravia RealityMAX technology was applied to make pictures look sharper. Although this is more like a marketing gimmick but the screen does look the best out off all SonyEricsson phones ever manufactured. Apparently SonyEricsson has thrown in all of their technologies in here, the 3.2 megapixels camera with autofocus and the stereo speakers are kept. Closing the phone will reveal a square display with 9 illuminated music buttons that gives you full control of your music collection with single hand. The SO903i is rumored to be the reference model of an upcoming high-end Walkman model outside Japan. (the "W910")

Sharp’s 3” screened One-Seg digital-TV handset- Softbank 911SH
Sharp 911SH
If you remember the 905SH that we played with during the interview with Sharp in Tokyo this summer, the 911SH is the follow up of that. The screen is expanded to 3 inches diagonally (240x480pixels), battery life on receiving digital TV is doubled to 5 hours, the thickness is shredded from 27mm to 22mm; all these are great moves for a great product… and it only gets our hopes higher for the first Sharp DMB to be exported. It will be interesting to see how it matches up with Samsung’s DMB phones in Europe. The Softbank 911SH should go on sale in Japan before Christmas.

Sharp’s anti-glare technology protects phone users’ privacy
Sharp W41SH
Have you ever been annoyed when people around you are peeping over your messages on screen? Or have you ever feel embarrassed when you are playing this JAVA game that requires hand-eye coordination that you don’t have? Well, Sharp created screens just to address that. If you turn this function on, the lateral viewing angle will be significantly decreased, what other people around you can see will only be a black screen with animations of growing flowers. The pictures shown here is the W4aSH CDMA EVDO phone that Sharp produced for AU KDDI in Japan. The anti-glare technology is also found on some NTT DoCoMo Sharp phones.

rotatedImage008And here's your webmaster looking geeky, picture taken with Sharp's 910SH, their first 5MP camera phone, with 3x optical zoom. (report on MobileBurn here). gosh check out those puffy eyes, that's what you get when you do medicine and go to ITU AND 3G Congress at the same time

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