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and for the umpteenth time...
Saturday, September 30, 2006  
this is a must watch lol

trapped in the maze of time..8:41 AM

Thursday, September 28, 2006  
I don't think anyone will know how tired i am.
had 2 surgery classes today, 1 pbl and one wcs
i think those people at the office are sadistic

i had microwave lunch, given the 15min i wont even be able to line up at the canteen

got back to my hole, and i'm eating cereal, vitamin pills, kiwi fruit and chicken noodle for dinner. i cant be bothered to walk down those stairs.

living on 6 hrs of sleep (5hrs weekdays, 10hrs weekends) the 2nd week.

vodafone KK (softbank) announced 13 new devices today. sharp got their 5MP ccd 3x optical zoom 910sh
2 slim devices from samsung. no hsdpa, apart from the hugeass HTC. sorry folks

trapped in the maze of time..6:30 AM

Monday, September 25, 2006  
NTT DoCoMo (903i later in 2 weeks) and Vodafone (softbank panasonic 705P and sharp hsdpa devices)'s press conferences will be on this Thursday (afternoon, FOMA before vdf)

Nokia will announce the new N series in NYC, Hanzhou, manila and cape town and one more at the same time tmr. There'll be at least 2 devices, one slim and one heavy.

the heavy one has everything i need, minus the poor battery life

the 903i looks good, especially fujitsu's and sony's

I'll be working on the SonyEricsson Z610 review this week.

trapped in the maze of time..2:43 AM

Sunday, September 24, 2006  
here's the IGN staff's experience at the gameshow in tokyo, and i can completely understand how that feels (source:

IGN: "So, so the point here is that this demo running on this PSP was downloaded from this PS3 here, right?"
Booth Babe: ""HAI! YES!"
IGN: "OK cool, I've been wondering when they were going to get busy connecting up PSP and the consoles. Let's see it"
Booth Babe: "OK, here you are!" [Hands me PSP running PS one version of Ridge Racer.]
IGN: "I'm sorry, I meant I'd like to see the demo please."
Booth Babe: "Yes, please play!"
IGN: "What?"
Booth Babe: "You can press boo'ton for gas, and..."
IGN: "No."
Booth Babe: "Hai!"
IGN: "No, I've already played Ridge Racer for PS one already. On a PS one. And the PSP last year at E3 for that matter, but never mind that, I'd like to see the demonstration."
Booth Babe: "Ummm ... We have Ridge Racer and Loco Roco!"
IGN: "They're already downloaded on the PSPs, though. Can you reset, I'd like to see the interface."
Booth Babe: "Ah, it's not ready yet!"
IGN: "W.T.F. [*edited for language*] I'm sorry, excuse my language, but ... or, do you understand what ... never mind, are you telling me you can't actually show me the PSP downloading a demo from the PS3."
Booth Babe: "You can play it here!"
IGN: "Yeah, but the whole point of the demo is that this game came from that big machine to run on this little machine."
Booth Babe: "Um ... Technical Demo for PlayStation 3 and PSP!"
IGN: "But do you understand that it's not really a demo if you don't demonstrate anything."
Booth Babe: "I'm sorry."
IGN: "No, I shouldn't be getting mad at you, it's not like you made the demo. Can I please maybe try to find the interface since I know both machines?"
Booth Babe: "Oh, only PSP is playable, please."
IGN: "You know that this is a six hundred dollar machine sitting here, right? $600. This Sony, they spent 600 dollars to build a machine to convince me ... no, make that make me convince myself on the principle that there'd be no reason for Sony to lie about the world's most powerful gaming platform being capable of moving a game demo file onto a PSP."
Booth Babe: [smiles, cocks head in confusion, and tries to deflate my misdirected rage with her femininity.]
IGN: "And your boss, he told you to make wave motions with your hands, gesturing from the PS3 to the PSP, and call it a technical demonstration?"
Booth Babe: "Hai! Ah, yes!"
IGN: "And other people have passed by here for two days now without questioning this?"
Booth Babe: "Hai!"
IGN: "...Please marry me anyway."

trapped in the maze of time..5:17 AM

Friday, September 22, 2006  
Samsung D900 review published

"When Samsung announced the D800, everybody thought that sliders had achieved their maximum thinness; and they were probably right. If sliders couldn't get any thinner, the next step would be trying to squeeze even more advanced technology into the same dimensions. So the company added the SGH-D900 to the Ultra series. We are excited because not only is this the thinnest slider, but in that little package Samsung has packed a decent 3 Megapixel camera with autofocus - without forgetting to add a memory card expansion slot. Today we will see how it measures up."

continue reading here

trapped in the maze of time..9:36 AM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006  
what is the one thing similar between the med fac office staffs, morning musume and PR companies?

people come and go.

just within 6 months, the PR agents for Samsung, Lg, Nokia and SonyEricsson have all changed in hk. if you're into the biz, it's a lot of trust. and it's a lot about leaving an impression, that will determine whether you get put on top of the list. to events, for internal sales, and most importantly, access to popular devices.

what i didn't realize today at nokia was that the new pr agent happened to be somebody i know. don't ask me how. it's funny because it's almost like getting to know the same person all over again, now with a completely different relationship, she held her position and i had my side.

i was at fortress looking for ink cartilages for my printer, no couldn't find it. i asked a random CS, the whole shop was packed with tourists, and everybody was really busy. i muttered, didn't expect an answer anyway, and i was looking at my note for the whole time, soembody patted my shoulder and pointed me towards a computer store across the street. i wonder who would be in this kind of good mood to lead a potential-less buyer. it was when i traced from his fingers back to his face. it was the bully back at school, he recognized me. he knew me. that's why. "why, thank you", he held his hand out to shake mine "your welcome, i hope everything is going well with you" i nodded "thank you"

whether you liked or disliked that person before, whether you agreed or disagreed, whether you had a good or bad impression, it doesn't matter. it's all on that business card, what you don't know. it's there, and you wonder why you have never seen that side before.

perhaps nobody has ever been completely wrong.

trapped in the maze of time..4:54 AM

Sunday, September 17, 2006  
listening atari kousuke and classiquai on my new audio technica ES7 headphones
never knew it can sound so good

reading up on renal and liver failure the whole afternoon, see how much I can retain

planning to review the nokia 5500 and SE Z610i soon
played with the D830 yesterday, the sound volume is pityful and the keypad was horrible (zero tactile feedback, can you imagine that. i thought d800 was pretty bad d830 is worse)
the design looks so nice and the specs are attractive too, what a waste

trapped in the maze of time..3:20 AM

Saturday, September 16, 2006  
this pic tells you what this week has been for me. was at O&G saturday morning, I picked the seat right next to the doc, so that I won't sleep (I thought i couldn't sleep since i'm sitting next to him), in 15 minutes, i just dropped dead in front of him, and started dreaming seriously. it's amazing. he thought it was amazing too. and then as he started talking about pre-eclempsia, I woke up with a startle, still with my pen in my hand, I scribbled on to my notes.
I'm not the kind of person that sleeps in class, i either leave, or do my own thing if the lecturers were that bad. but there's this one session last week that I had 4 dreams in 1 hour, and had no recall of the slides in 5 slide interval. it's amazing.

and i desperately need my sleep. those people on the floor are so forking loud at 3am, and saying how i'm being an obstacle to them.

i should refer them to a psy. doc

trapped in the maze of time..7:48 PM

Friday, September 15, 2006  
the interface looks pretty cool on microsoft's toshiba-made Zune
30Gb priced at the same 249USD as ipod
3" screen now, bigger, with wifi music sharing that lets you sample the song for 3 times within 3 days

D900 review done, waiting for the D830 to arrive, might work on the nokia 5500 first

trapped in the maze of time..6:23 AM

Thursday, September 14, 2006  
had a long day today, surgery in the early morning, lecture and then a pbl tutorial
i found myself compeltely turned off afterwards, i was tempted to just stand up and walk around after 2 hours of sitting there. wasn't listening at all, it's wya beyond my concentration span, and the case has drained my interest already

went to watch the devil wears prada with dia and betz
good movie

still need to watch The Banquet and DOA

trapped in the maze of time..8:25 AM

Wednesday, September 13, 2006  
somebody sent me backt this pic from amsc
basically the 4 most important gulays
phil nick jj moi

trapped in the maze of time..8:33 AM

Tuesday, September 12, 2006  
sorry folks, no touch screen ipods
ut we get a tiny ipod shuffle, and aluminimum ipod nano as rumored
and a mildly upgraded ipod

trapped in the maze of time..10:43 PM

apple announcement will commence in less than 30min
all the major sites are watching closely

itunes store is closed for update
apple store is closed for update

man, steve jobs is good at driving the world crazy
bill gaes can never do that

originally i didnt want to stay up to watch the event,
but the new widescreen vidoe ipod with virtual click wheel is very possibly announced
i really wanna have an early look at that

trapped in the maze of time..9:43 AM

Monday, September 11, 2006  
i hardly ever post any chinese up here, I can't be bothered to type, and blogger tends to mess up the encoding. anyway, here's an article i found on a friend's site.
hilarious. just a really hong kong hong kong fact

trapped in the maze of time..6:45 AM

Sunday, September 10, 2006  
watched the Lake house with mom and dad lol. it's a good cheesy and predictable movie.

went to watch westlife concert, you got me right hahaha. i didn't have to pay for the tickets that's why ;) I was testing the Samsug D900 phone camera, actually not bad, not bad at all for a phone. anyway, we had a good time of screaming Backstreetboys and nsync and how fat they were, I think they can hear us hehehehe
the best part of the concert was perhaps when Janice (wai lan) went up stage and sang, she's awesome.

Samsung X820 6.9mm thin phone review published

"What would you say to your child on his or her first day of school? The Chinese tell their kids to put their heart in it (Yong Xin) and work hard; the Japanese tell their kids to concentrate and persevere (Ganbarre); the Koreans tell their kids to be the top of the class (Che il) - It is one of the Korean virtues to be number one. This is true at school, and is also true for Samsung, and the Ultra series speaks loudly for that.

The Motorola V3 is recognized as "where it all started," but in the candy bar world, the thinness obsession was actually started by Panasonic. In the Japanese domestic market, where function once outweighed everything else, Panasonic was the only company that was conscious about keeping everything as thin as possible. The company even introduced its first thin GSM candy bar, the X200 (12.9mm), before the RAZR, but it never became a hit. After the megapixel chase (up to 10 megapixels now in some markets), thinness has become the new game. We had the handsome looking Motorola SLVR, but Samsung has jumped into the limelight with the 6.9mm (0.27") thin SGH-X820 - and a whole Ultra series to back it up."

Continue reading here

trapped in the maze of time..6:25 AM

Friday, September 08, 2006  
You must have noticed the changes added to this site, first the google ads, then the list of phone reviews I've published. The reason for doing this is simple: this blog is public. A lot of the people landing here are people that I have never met, and never will meet. And apparently there're some kids that enjoy drawing on the flashboard below, and the sole reason for coming here will be drawing on that board.... I need to keep track of the phones I've reviewed, and I also found having a google search bar lying around very handy.

By the way, there's also this donation button added, you can sponsor my transport to those phone makers and write the review you want to read eventually.

I've also put my email address up, you can get in touch with me if you have any questions.

trapped in the maze of time..10:18 PM

I'm going to post up the SonyEricsson Interview article now before it gets extremely outdated

An interview with SonyEricsson
SonyEricsson to a lot of Japanese is the only “foreign” brand that can be comparable with “local” brands. Outside Japan, the company is often put side by side with Nokia and Motorola, not in terms of market share, but simply brand recognition. MobileBurn had the chance to talk to Utako Higuchi and Toshiyuki Kawamura from Corporate Planning Department in Tokyo.

The Sony part of SonyEricsson
SonyEricsson is a joint venture between Sony and Ericsson; Sony owns 50% of the company. The product line in Japan is completely different from the rest of the world, the only device that has been brought out of Japan was 2 year-old the V802SE (Z800/V800). If you are looking for Sony-ness in the whole conglomerate, you cannot deny that the phone division is amongst the top of the list that speaks the loudest of the brand philosophy.

SonyEricsson might appear overly cautious or even slow in the business world, a lot of people said that they could have gotten a lot more market share. Higuchi explained that SonyEricsson had to live up the spirit of not just producing an average phone, but something unique with a wow factor. This is especially true when you look at their designs in Japan.

There is a funny trend of phones in Japan, the average size has actually increased throughout the years. Consumers asked for ever so high numbers of megapixels, ever so large screens and ever so large buttons. The Premini series of SonyEricsson was trying to go against the trend and go back to size competition. “The reason why Sony took so much time to release the first FOMA handset was that the team spent all the time in miniaturization”, the market has high expectations of SonyEricsson, the first FOMA phone must impress. The Premini concept has been really popular ever since their introduction in 2004.

The W42S Walkman phone gives us a glimpse of where the company is heading: co-branding. Just like Nokia and Carl Zeiss. Music phone is not new at all, but the marketing concept is borrowed from Europe this time.

Outside Japan.
Just like Sharp, the Japanese branch of SonyEricsson pretty much works separately from the rest of the company; however the design teams do meet regularly. There is always chance of exporting Japanese-style UI and designs. The S700i is a classic example. The factor that is really holding back SonyEricsson is actually the operators. Take the SO702i as an example, it is a sleek FOMA phone with over 25 different exchangeable covers, the NTT shops serve as an outlet of these accessories, without the network chain, the concept will be impossible to attain. Will Vodafone be happy to distribute these panels all over Europe? Is it technically plausible? From past experiences, European consumers are relatively conservative when it comes to color scheme, the white-n-orange W800i sales was hindered by its color so much that the company had to come up with W810i. The taste is simply different.

The last question that I asked during the interview was the availability of a Z800/V800 follow-up. “Please wait,” Higuchi nodded and grinned, “the 2 markets are coming together but please give us some time.”

Ah, the price of having the word Sony in your company name.

trapped in the maze of time..9:19 PM

Phil wrote about Gillian as a victim of paparazzis

This is actually something that I have been wanting (ring your bell? you go dig up where this line is from) to write about for days, but I am simply too tired for that. I saw this case of a 50yo super health conscious teacher who discovered that he has liver cancer in June, and then lung metastasis AND now bone metastasis. he has no hep symptoms at all, nothing palpable, no pain and only a weight drop. it started with a regular hep-B check up, a tumor that was assured to be surgically resectable... and now 2 IV discs crushed, bilateral infiltration to the femur, and an ancetebalum disappeared on Xray just like that. non smoker, non alcoholic, super regular excerciser. life is so unfair eh.

anyway, back to the Gillian issue, I think I am the most annoyed by the fact that people are turning the whole issue into a political monkey game.

Notice that the people that have been the loudest come from the pro-China camp: Orisun corp (oriental daily, the sun) and DAB (china-born singaporean Maoists basically).

And people forget that those magazines published by Orisun are just as bad (Oriental sundae, oriental weekly etc), voyeurist pics? oh yes, they have been going that for years, and those actresses were silent about it. Now NextMedia picked the wrong victim, she's from EEG (pro-China), this gives the whole pro-china camp an excellant opportunity to attack NextMedia: the only surviving publically anti-China media copr in Hong Kong. I'm not saying that NextMedia is right, but HK needs a media corp like that to neutralize the market.

the front page of Orisun (oriental daily and sun daily) for a consercutive three days was saying how NextMedia as a corperation has completely demoralized the HK newspaper industry (sheesh, who started putting prostitution ads on newspapers? I think it's oriental daily, WHO STARTED IT ALL??)

I believe that the photographer who took Gil's pics was a freelancer, and everybody had been bidding for those pictures: including the media corps from the pro-china camp.

Ah, freak show.

Here's the NEC N702iS with a detector in there that tells you about the orientation of the phone, so when you tilt the phone, the water level will align with the ground. the water level represents the battery status, and also for file transfering, you "pour water" onto your friend's phone, the column will actually go down. you have to see this baby in real life to believe it :) (video here)

trapped in the maze of time..10:18 AM

Wednesday, September 06, 2006  
steve jobs showed us the new iMac 24" and bumped up all the mac-minis this morning

so what's REALLY gonna happen on Sept12? :)
can't wait

Nokia event at newyork later this month, new N series
i've got confirmation of 2 new n-devices here :)

trapped in the maze of time..9:02 AM

Tuesday, September 05, 2006  
What is the first thing you do when you break up?
Nono, before all that crying and whining.
You update your status on facebook, myspace and friendster.

trapped in the maze of time..8:14 AM

Sunday, September 03, 2006  
seriously, beyonce has got the best performance in the whole VMA
remember, no introduction at all, and then the alarm went off.

got a couple of handsets to review this month
samsung d900 (12.9mm ultra slider)
samsung d830 (9.9m ultra flip)
benqsiemens ef91 (hsdpa flip)
benqsiemens ef81 (wcdma flip)

the x820 review should be published soon

trapped in the maze of time..7:01 AM

Friday, September 01, 2006  

samsung. ooh.

trapped in the maze of time..10:27 AM

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