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and for the umpteenth time...
Tuesday, April 11, 2006  

yep this is the toshiba 904T that im gonna put my hands on in less than 40hrs

i've started approaching the companies i wanted to interview, i am not expecting to get replies from all of them. a coupla doors i need to knock here in hong kong so that they can refer me to their japanese head office.

laguage will be a problem oh yes, my japanese is good enough for every day conversation, but when it comes to 100% polite and formal japanese, im not really that eligible to be honest. still a long way to go. i cna get all the technical terms right, and get the whole sentence structure awkward, cuz nobody speaks textbook japanese, come on. where did u learn ur language? shooooomuni??

i used to think that i'd take a year out and fix my japanese, but chances are getting sleakier and even sleakier. if i apply for exchange next year, that means i'll have to put down all my clinical skills for a year, i wonder if i would be as competive when i rejoin after a year, i'd have to put down my pcpmb project, jessica will be on her own, it'll be hell for her. if i take a year after i graduate, it'll be a schism for my career, and i wonder if i would like to go back to the hospital after the year out to be honest. it's already hard coming back after summer, it'll be harder waking up from a dream, a 12 month dream.

i've been typing notes for all the lectures and practicals, condensing materials from a meter to a cm. everytime i drag those desktop files to the muvo for backup i'll be prompted to replace the older files, and i'll often rejoice over the jump of digit: oh it's 900Kb of pure text now. of course i'd tend to not think about that i'll have to put that all into my brain before may19th. but not it's no V for vendetta it's V for Volk!! (kids, say eek)

i'm working on pharyngeal muscles now, a super boring topic. (i'm working as in im eating and studying the anatomy simultaneously)

easter is coming and we're getting how many days off? 2 frigging days. 48hrs. even the tutor agreed that it's exploitation. *shurgs* i have so much sleeping debt to pay off. i got so much revision to catch up too.

me: they taught us that grammer (gram-mah) was important
konrad: grandma is more important

spinning disc: nelly furtado, oak ju hyun, scrubs soundtrack, lamb collection, corinne bailey rae

phil's blog can be found here. the next best thing to read after Kumar n Clark. Congrats for ur first attempt to heeding the internet peekablog phenomenon

trapped in the maze of time..5:26 AM

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