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Sunday, December 18, 2005  

I know this is pretty old, but i finally found the time to publish this here

The 3G World Congress has a disproportionately big name comparing to its real scale. No, it is not the smallest exhibition, but major companies such as SonyEricsson, Vodafone and Hutchison were nowhere to be found. However we do have some real VIP speakers, the congress might be the emphasis, the exhibition might only serve as a test ground to see how the market respond to the winter product line-up.

Some of the bits are already published on and i'm not gonna bother posting them here again. what i'm going to show you here, is what most people won't talk about. and havent really talked about thus far. this is not intended to be completely fair nor objective (you can go to or other gadget newsites for that purpose), so don't tell me oh this is yellow jouranlism. this is only an article on my personal page.

so here's a good closeup of nokia's opensource browser for s60 with dhtml support (that's american airines website)

and here's what nokia doesn't want to show you. it's a proto blahblahblahblah
when will it be ready? how ready is it? it will be ready when it is released blahblahblah

here's how nokia disses all the japanese hinges. see? the flipper can stand a dude standing on it. german engineering yeah. they still need to work on the sound

here's their lovely UI they're working on. fancy. but VERY. SLOW.

here's samsung's 7MP cheater cameraphone phonecamera

it's not that big actually

i had a good time playing with samsung's gaming phone, with TV out
didn't sell too well in korea

the power of OLED from toshiba-matsushita. and when will we see them in the market? next year. right. we have heard that since 3 years ago.

here's what NEC did to keep all the perverts, how about video conferencing with a tokyo hottie? i feel sorry for that girl who had to pretend to be interested and talk to random people for 3 days.

here's the phone i would die for. improved screen from NEC, look at that color, and resolution (240x345 qvga+ 2.5")

my interest is more on this than the girl in orange, the core of NEC FOMA phones: neuropointer, basically a dragpointer migrated from ur IBM laptop to ur phone

AU KDDI's talby is something to die for too

The Hong Kong based RV Technology Ltd displayed 2 interesting VoIP phones. One is VoIP only, and the other is a triband VoIP flipphone with a touch screen, both of them run on windows CE5 and should be introduced around Q1 2006. they look very promising, but they really need luck in finding money to start off. they're good products seriously

At the back of the Motorola booth, the Ojo personal video phone that looks more like a concept device was demonstrated, to our delight, it would be released in spring 2006.

Ok motorola will hate me for posting this up. since it's "not too fond of pictures".
A prototype of digital broadcasting (DVB-H), the staff said that they were no clear roadmap of mass market introduction for such device yet. i don't see any design breakthrough really, it's just heavily nokia+V80 inspired.

Keynote speeches: 3G and beyond
As we all know, 3G is nothing new, and sooner or later they would have to rename the event to 4G congress. Of course we are not as interested in seeing how 3G would be implemented, we are now more curious with solving 3G market saturation and retarding turnover, which is especially crucial for Korea and Japan where 3G has been in place for 4 years now. The presentations by NTT, KDDI and KT might be the most interesting. So far they have been dwelling on similar solutions for incorporating handsets even more into daily life: mobile banking, credit card and electronic money on the go; the Koreans went even further to bring in RFID reader, blood glucose and alcohol level meters into their phones. And by upgrading 3G to 3.5G and 4G, they hope to increase the upload speed to complement interactive digital broadcasting, eventually they want to unify the fixed line and mobile networks (IP based). If the cost for laying fixed line is too great, they might as well build a wireless network to work around the geographical limitation in Japan.
NEC went in a bit more technical concerning mobile architecture; that phones today requires the processing power of an average PC 5 years ago, power consumption control is the main challenge today. Their approach is trying to unify the middlewares to certain multiple CPU core standards, which has an advantage of lower summated power consumption over a single high-clocked CPU. Linux is an advantageous software platform because of its wide applicability (from phones to super computers) and low cost.

The 3G Congress this year was not that impressive. Not much wow-devices or new technologies were introduced. We saw HSDPA, VoIP, even higher quality digital broadcasting and recording on phones; they all come down to the most basic questions we ask. Do we want it and do we need it? For an average consumer, the only reason for having HSDPA really is because of its low latency (fast registering with the tower), 10Mbps can only be achieved when you stand still directly under a reception tower. Will service providers actually allocate 10Mbps just for you? Will they spend that much money on upgrading their networks when they are still in loss for 3G? The answer is no.
Digital broadcasting, how many of us would like to watch TV on any screens smaller than 3 inches? The megapixel camera race, how much will you spend on memory cards for taking 7 megapixel pictures on a phone? How long will it take to send that wirelessly?
Perhaps it is a little too early to evaluate on the practicality of these technologies, but this year the only significant development that we see in terms of actually using technology for the people would be the rise of built-in full browsers (series 60, mopera, netfront, jig browsers). Other than that, most of the ÔÇťachievements" are using people for the technology. Branding gimmicks.

trapped in the maze of time..7:48 AM

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