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and for the umpteenth time...
Wednesday, August 24, 2005  
consumer is king right? that's what we learn in GCSE, reinforced in AS and A2. sharp (and vodafone) has decided to remove DRM limitations their new 903 (NON-JP versions only, i'm afraid), size is the only limit from now on, approx 407Kb. even tho there's a way of working around this (read the end of today's post). boa was commented to be too britney spears with her 4jip, then she came back with her 5jib, a lot more conservative and korean this time. (look at moto) D70 too expensive? ok, here's a D50. 7D to expensive? ok, here's a 5D. 300D too big? here's a 350D.

in the real world, consumers have the say to what they want, otherwise there won't be a demand (de facto, want and ability to pay). unless, there's imperfect information; which is exactly what's happening in sjc.

surprise surprise surprise, school is gonna start again. surprise surprise surprise i've been in sjc for a year now- the place that i dragg so much. hearing gossips about people trying to hard to get in and all that crap (yeah crap), the reason i wanted to get in was because of my friends (which, all of them have left now hahaha), even for the kgv people who wanted to get in i just tell them not to unless they're prepared for the cult. arassuh?

zehi, inspite of all these, i think i've learnt quite a lot. first thing i learnt was to say NO, how to say no and when to say no, and how to give answers to buy time for yourself. (mervin and the frogster weapon showdown, ooh yeah) what i think hasn't really changed, but the outcome could have been a lot worse. speaking of orientation and meetings, they lurrrrve it. weird eh, what's there to orientate anymore, being in here one year, i've experienced all kinds of dirty lil secret you don't want me to know (let alone the whole programme run down for di alma matre orientation), so there's really no point. should i join in and screw everything up (really, i have thought of that), or should i start a big fight and send everything to the tabloids? (i have thought about that too) that surely would work.

i feel really sorry for the people there. instead of spending time in sjc, i (and the scoe team) had got the whole exchnage mechanism for medics set up in hongkong (and sent ppl in and out already, both pre-clinically and clinically), we've already joined ifmsa and done with all the admin paper work for x-conditions, contracts, adn with hospitals, hostels and unis. go up to, look at the list of NMO, hongkong is there... i did that! i'm part of that! before this year? no! i don't see the kind of step forward in sjc, they're just doing what they're supposed to do tradiatonally. oh crap, it's aug, so we need an orientation camp, and an orientation camp must include this this this this but not that. why? because that's what's been going on since WWII. and btw, everyone should attend because it's the start of the centre of tne world. have they changed people? i guess so, and the failing rate is so HIGH? it's like making babies with a girl with abortion tendencies. disgusting eh people are failing their exams to work for this concentration camp (i'm sorry, i have to say this to YOU), but i think it's completely unintelligent; i'm very disappointed in you as a person because you fiddled (and made a semi-irreversivle blunder) with the wrongest order of your prioirities in your life, and you ignored balantant warnings for 2 consercutive years. if you fail again next year, u'll get your whole professional career removed in front of your eyes. even today your record will be a legitimate excuse for not hiring you over the people with the exact same grade same gender same background same interview performance.

very laughable.

in the end i just decide to stay away from it. it's useless to talk about God to atheists, and i won't waste time teaching 1 year olds to read LOTR. i'll just have to accept the quality of hong kong elites (eh hem eh hem eh hem, this phrase gives me skin rash, i think i need an adrenaline shot now)

tech update:
1. 903 due sept via smartone-vodafone. 903 is already avaliable across UK through the back door (regular comsumers and pay as you go customers please wait until the hype dies down) H3G is readying 2 LG handsets to compete with sharp's 903 and 703. (TS921 delayed yet again, 803T in offices)

2. N90 will be out in hk in 2 weeks, the machine looks as big as a P910 (played with it), now who wants to buy? are you kidding me? get the K750i. funny how nokia hyped up the crowd at the announcement, now the market is completely taken by SE. too late, mokia, just a lil bit too late.

3. nokia taking the lead for 3G market. at 17% of sales (half of its 2.5G market share), it's due to pass LG "very soon". moto's 3G line was a failure, comparable to 7600 (flop!)

4. the hermione pictures leaked last week were REAL. no surprises, anyway. more machines to be announced at the same time as hermione (at the same time of some new 7-series nokias)

solution to overcoming DRM limitation on sharp 902 and SX813
1. using the same SIM card and the same machine, first download a mp3 ringtone from your service provider with DRM (the song may be free, or u may only be charged by the data count), let's say the file name is AE86

2. transfer a song of your choice within 500Kb to the internal memory of your phone (e.g. 001.mp3) by BT or via the SD

3. set AE86 as the ringtone

4. change the name of the AE86 file to something else (e.g. AE861), then change the song of your choice the 001.mp3 to AE861

now ask somebody to call you

trapped in the maze of time..9:31 PM

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