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and for the umpteenth time...
Wednesday, June 22, 2005  
Why don't we go through our morality evaluation process step by step.

I was absolutely fumed astonished disturbed interrupted disgusted last night having received a call out of the blue from Juno saying that all his items in his room were displaced to the back of the corridor. (this incident referred as the Drama, hereafter)

Unreasonable Reasons given were:
1. Not contributing enough (with respect to whatever arbitrary standard supposedly agreed and bought by SFA)
2. Lack of honesty, for telling different versions of stories to different people. (I think you need deeper communication with him because I have never experienced that from him, deduce that by probability me and Nelson should be the person discovering more of his lies than any of you)

Inconsiderate Considerations taken were:
1. it is necessary (because YOU can't think of any other solutions)
2. it is the last resort (and it happens every year anyway, so PICK ONE, pick Juno!)
3. it has been done in the past hence OK to mimic today (usual stubborn elaboration)
4. personal valuables were taken into account and protected (and hence the less valuables e.g. the chair can be vandalized)

Even though you guys “claimed” that the inadequacy of contribution was not the main theme of the drama however as simple as it seemed you put that at the front of the paragraph you left Juno, so you tell me is that a violation to reason #2? Speaking of which I felt deceived by St John's, since “nobody could force you to do anything” what happened last night was a sneakpeak of post-modern absolutism (i.e. reign of terror)? And just see how beautifully you put that as “positive peer pressure”. That's the thing (tumor) about St John's culture, trying so desperately to erect an image for yourself by leveling yourselves into a flock of “unity” (homogeneousness), what people did in the past were assumed to be a justification (such a misused term) for having them repeating the very act today.
Culture in here is simply a stack of communistically obsessed shell with a deteriorated core. (by the way you need to redefine culture here, this is simply not a way to live!!) This very Drama is only one of the bells that were rung about things getting out of control and beyond tolerance (lenience now). Bullying, this is bullying per se you know? And bullies are people with low self-esteem looking for yanking people down to have their self esteem afloat. You want to feel right so you devastate others, defying Hall Education in the sense that instead of building up a person you devastate a person like a pinch to an ant. Putting that into every day terms, you piss people off. (You urinate on, humiliate and over-stimulate people to make them hateful and/or indifferent) so you fail not only to educate people, you fail to manage people, you fail to convince people to be the slightest working partner with you. Of course some may claim that this sadistic approach works on themselves, but that still doesn't justify anything from being less sadistic to being less immoral. Niente.
First off using concepts does not justify (explain the necessity and morality) the whole Drama, the most basic human rights are infringed NOT by light-hearted or impulsive accident but by premeditation and absence of opposite comparison. The right to personal property not only includes the value of goods but also the right to security (protection to involuntary mobilization or prior to lack of consent which is the hub of this Drama) Ask yourself how did you confirm Juno not to be at Hall at first place, you called him to make sure that he's not in hall, you called him to invite him to jog. Now that is a Black lie (not a white lie), an utter violation to reason #2, so by teaching Juno a lesson, you guys bypassed self-education via conducting the same mistake at first place?
Let's just step back a bit, and talk about common sense (since we can never agree on the abnormal hall sense). The main purpose of the existence of St John’s college is dormitory (let's not talk about Christian Anglican values here because that will only condemn the whole SFA culture), in the HKU context: a resort necessary for schooling NOT substituting home otherwise an orphanage NOT becoming a commune otherwise a labor camp NOT becoming a secularly spiritual institution otherwise a cult. And what do we see what SJC is left of today, anything and absolutely everything I mentioned apart from just a Dorm, de facto, SJC failed. SJC has failed to fulfill its original purpose, SJC has failed in protecting herself from the abuse of her image and physical presence, SJC has failed to sustain her own definition. Try to explain this drama to your mom, see if she would be proud of you, publicize this to the Press, let the public judge whether this is normal or not, which I told you a gazillion times whilst besieged to defend some remaining sanity in this abnormally sick and diseased commune.
Speaking of leadership SFA failed to demonstrate the ability to convince their own kids. Let's ponder why at least Juno is honest to me and not to you? Why you are so weak and so easy to proceed to the “last resort”.
Juno is manageable but you failed him, Juno is understandable but you failed him, Juno is communicatable and you failed him, Juno is reasonable (you can reason with him) and you failed him, Juno is convincible and you failed him, Juno is reachable and you failed him. So the million dollar question, who’s problem is this? YOURS.

If this is real life, you will be fired, you will be publicly humiliated, you will be an outcast.

Goodness gracious SFA is not real and it doesn't give life.

So our conclusions are:
1. teaching Juno a big lesson of being more honest does NOT justify your act of bullying
2. Hall education must not be abused to infringe the most basic non-extravagant human rights: in this case the right to personal property including protection from involuntary mobilization
3. Use your common sense and if you have lost it, start readopting that again.
4. on the terms you abuse: standard, culture, education, peer pressure, justified

trapped in the maze of time..10:52 PM

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