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and for the umpteenth time...
Friday, May 13, 2005  

XBOX360 is here. due xmas this yr
impressive specs, iMAC+PSone rip off design, "mirai" and timeless, so they said
it looks bulky (PS2 is big (version 1) but it looks slim cuz of the design)
it looks like a cableTV topbox, that OMG stands up straight (uuuh copied from ps2 hello)
and to prove how billgates is dominating the world, dooh it supports windows media extended (so u wanna play xbox? u need a PC, let's kill steve jobs). howabout a whole frigging windows on XBOX? ooh and how about a start manu and an xbox helper at the bottom right corner that pops up to lag your system?
ooh according to the marketing, futuristic green light that comes from the box (80's ghostbusters).
i think white light/color changing LED would work much better. it only takes may be a dollar more
ooh, it's ready to get online straight out of the box, yes, pay microsoft and u'll get xbox live service.
money will go into billgate's pockets byt hte time u hook up the baby. so cool.
look at what sony has done to psp, adhoc playing mode, or just HOST game urself for free
since it's so network oriented, i'm intersted in seeing how viruses will be targeted towards xbox360 (microsoft jsut can't write safe and reliable programs)
ooh in case u get hacked, u can switch the 20GB harddisk (it's really swappable btw)
and don't worry ur games will be fine, the driver is a DVD ROM not a burner.
and in case you get hacked, u can press F-U for help rite? and search thru the enlightening knowledge databse with that 12digit error code that somehow cannot be located at your region, and would u like to try again?

k. enough bashing for xbox.

let's see what PS3 has to show, bluray disc? HDDVD?
plz, give us a better looking console

was arguing with some MS fans online lol
that guy was using a lot of languages,
and i was basically using his phrases back at him

"...How the heck those this look like an iMac/PSone... there is no way in hell they look similar or you must be retarded...
Microsoft has no worse security then any ather company. If you know what you are talking about then you should know that linux / Mac OS has a bunch of security holes. just the only reason Microsoft OS is exploited more often is because it's at 90% of the market...."

MAC OS is unix based. not linux based, if you are so aware of what you said. hell where does linux come from? some association disorder?
Research from Sophos PLC showed that 68 viruses have affected the Mac while 97,467 have affected Windows. Of those 68, most are a decade old or older and don’t directly affect OS X. now do the math, 68x99<<97467, windows vulnerability is disporportional to it's market share even when i give it 99%. and "that's the only reason" why you are so retarded.
you're right, there are holes on MAC OS, and how much is apple selling their OS's for, and how much is MS selling XP for? if MS were to charge premium, their product has to be premium. and there's no point of pumping the prices and making it premium, since 90% of the people use "premium" right? performance-price ratio for MS is low. and i shall stop the perpectual mac/ms argument here before niC gets tormented.
How does the darn xbox360 not look like the PSone? curvy white console, cute buttons. And the MAC? if i were shown this 2 months ago and told that it's a prototype that supports ipod-plugging i would have considered. Yeah yeah yeah MAC didn't invent white, curvy design is not owned by sony. and you are anal enough to think the whole design is oh my mama so microsoft so sweet so not MAC so "mirai and timeless" (quoted from dev interview). if microsoft has that much money wouldn't you expect them to hire better designers or people that can select more original designs out of the pool? and yes, the design truly reflects MS, picking a piece from here and picking another from there, shove it in and vola xbox360 (sounds like some bible verse reference no offence)
right, let's admire those 5 lines of xbox360.
and inhale.
looking frigging AWESOME, customizable facelifts too in case it's fugly for you, put it under the christmas tree, put it in my pet's house, put it next to the toaster, put it behind the washing machine.
it would have been better if it's just a rectangular box, giving a more zen more muji more its-only-whats-in-me-that-counts feeling.
how much did billgates pay you? (how many altered egoes does bill gates have)
and don't be an idiot your post is biased too. so does mine and that's the whole point of consumers trying to pick the best console for themselves.
i choose to sleep at 23:55:46 tonight i am biased.

"Also why is it when everyone see new products from microsft they move earth and heaven to say that they copy of some design/software/etc... stop the bit*ching and stop the hate..."

nextime when microsoft wants to get into food market, they should take Mcdonalds' M and paint it blue.
how often does microsoft actually INVENT something and NOT rip things off from other people THAT's when people will stop the byotching and show some love.

trapped in the maze of time..5:50 AM

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