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and for the umpteenth time...
Sunday, May 01, 2005  
GI block, done 80% i guess
went back to sjc just to get the exam hall of fame fixed
it wasnt as bad as i thought, have 4 ppl working on it

but then, i still think it's pointless.

it really disgusts me when people use tradition as the excuse to abuse
i have no idea how well personal space in the local honkie culture is defined
and i have no idea how wide should "community" be confined to in a person's life

plus. do they have a life? geez. get a life hello.
paedephilism is growing in hongkong, manga is getting popular, lolita-cosplay crap is taking over, and u know why? research on that, i already looked it up, it's about developmental blindspots, it's big in sjc. it's HUGE, it's a norm and it's abnormal.

life in sjc= 60% sjc +25% study +10% family + 5% outside
my life= 50% study + 20% family + 25% outside + 5% sjc

what they really lack? the courage to be different
the basic need to ask and consider alternatives (putting that in a quasi-negative way: critical thinking, in daily life. sounds so educational right? but the more artificial hongkongers make it the more they lose it, as i have experienced thus far)
the guts to challange

the thing is that tradition is made for the good of people
applying darwin's survival of the fittest evolutionary theory
if there're things that are NOT worth keeping, then just leave it
and they should be naturally dropped away
otherwise it will harm, as we have been experiencing with the human race
e.g. people predisposed with cancer will naturally die (and be allowed to die) away earlier, so that dynamically there'll be less people with the first hit oncogene that predisposes individuals to respective cancer
yes, sounds so inhumane, and i do think that's inhumane too
but applying that back to traditions, when things don't work they simply don't
u either drop it or change it.
that's the proactive way of solution-focused problem based coping

motto? breeding excellance? of course. every single school on this planet
that is out of the question, and that should be oula every single person's mouth
because i think that should be an inborn dignity. who doesn't wanna do things well
who wouldn't do the best in the things they think are important?
on top of that. what sjc suggesting today is a 1950 idealism.
there're people who believe it
there're people who crave for kiddy glory and power in the name of *sharing*
there're people who are brainwashed whom i feel so sorry to
there're people who have not thought thru about it themselves
there're people who crave for what they died for in highschool
there're people who are simply not grown up
there're people who are simply.. retarded.
i naturally regard to these "values" with contempt because they are *censored*

if meetings are really for personal development i cna tell u that it's the most rediculous time-consuming and cost-ineffective thing to do on earth.
character building? try NOT to copy ur homework
try NOT to miss ur classes
try NOT to bullcrap about politics when u don't even read the papers
and try to set up non-set-up "social gatherings"
try not to be confined to a routine and how oh my gosh people will think im different henced doomed mindset
and get a life

sjc has moulded a coupla great people in the past
and how long ago was that
when things were not that sick (sick. i mean it)
when traditions started to precipitate as wisdom but not supersaturated gallstones

i've heard 2million times people just asked me to leave if i don't buy their concept
but u know what, im not leaving because i'm not a coward and i wanna challange the things in here
i am immune to public humiliation and i am confident in turning things around
i wanna wake people up and tell them what's abnormal
i wanna take what's good from the tradition and show others how NOT to abuse it
and for practical purposes, i have 8:30 classes.
that's the bottom line if the sky falls down.
i still need a room around campus. kick my gluteus maximus.

trapped in the maze of time..10:13 AM

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