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and for the umpteenth time...
Tuesday, September 28, 2004  
where's home
it's always a good question to ask

a place where u dont have to hide, sleep when u wanna sleep
cry chill daydream dance sing giggle and get lazy

so far havent really found a place like this
but u would prolly expect, st john's been closer to that than flat3A
i can stick up stupid posters
i can saturate the wall with fav pics
i can keep my own system of putting my stuff (marginal OCD yes)
i can grab stuff from my fridge
i can play loud music and do the most annoying bit of repeating my fav bits
i can lay flat on carpets and talk on the phone for ages

got back form grandma's
the usual sit wait eat TV routine
gaah i dont exactly enjoy that
yes it's great seeing ppl who've watched u grown
it's great getting important updates
but since the family is big, it's impossible to grow anything in occasions like this
i can be autistic digging into magazines while everybody's sucked onto TV screen

dad always said it's home, whether u like it or not
it's home

it has to be

since home is about the ppl and the unity
the intangible spirit and not the fixed domestic capital of a "building"

coming home in weekends and hollidays is not exactly a relaxing to do
exclude the transportation bit
and all the fuss of chasing minibuses mtrs trains and minibuses again
coming home is prolly jsut a switch of idendity
a change of institution of happenings
a change of the form pressure and source of juristiction

just leave me alone
i know what's going on i know what to do
i know i need vit C for my connective tissues
i know i need sleep. im dying for my bed now

i dont need that close monitoring
i dont need ppl to push me
im alerady really fast so ppl can shut up now

apparently im not happy
it's been a hectic day, it's a helluva busy day 8:30 to 5
yes i dun mind admitting i skived the 9:30 lecture
i dunt mind admitting i left he pratical 1 hr earlier
cuz i finished the stuff
cuz i remembered eveyrthing from HKCEE
cuz i will be faster reading my psysio book then having there struggling to stay awake
it's respiratory sys and it's IHD i know i'll be ok
that will not happen again once the sys bloc has started
and once my freakign lung stops exploding
may be i jsut miss a lot of ppl
i miss a lot of stuff

yeah it's great having somebody keeping me acompanied last night
just when i most needed it
jsut a feel pats on shoulders change the world
just have somebody to cry with u

i dont need that self pity
it's pathetic i know
u have every right to despise me
sure. get oula here

it's home, whether u like it or not

it's not
but it is

it's home

it's home

it better be

trapped in the maze of time..8:53 AM

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