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and for the umpteenth time...
Monday, August 02, 2004  
ye crazy day
got off the minibus halfway towards the station thinking that ive left my coin pouch and keys at home. was searching thru my backpack furiously in front of mcdonalds, im sure u'll laugh at me if u were there. ye found it under all the worn out papers; trash in my bag that i never had the incentive to clear up. ah well, too bad i had to walk to fotan station at 32C+.
that was crazy
then i bumped into lausiuwai on the platform. ha. he looked exactly the same. havent seen him for 2 yrs? we both went crazy on the train. yeah, we got stares, big time. updated with vitorshin and patrickchoi. he used to be half a head taller than me and now it turns out that he's slightly shorter, and thinner. think i wrote about him here (blog) a long time ago (yeah search the archive) and figured he's one of those ppl ull never see again because u jsut missed the chance. we used to be alrite close, we're the few who refused to do ballgames at PE back in the days of f3c, i was the nerd and he was the antisocialjock.
that was crazy
chungking mansions. yep. peeps. i was teaching there. i was surprised to find that nepalese acually sounds like korean. the tone, the accents, the most frequent syllables, aaaaah hmmhmmnn yoooo uh! stuff like that, got into the room, was trying with the kids, in case they were northkoreans? anyounghaseyo~ they gasped like a buncha jp cartoon anime characters (too much TV), crap, that might have meant stn rude in nepalese. i have no idea. most of the kids that i taught were about 10, they had to start off from P2/3, which gave them a huge disadvantage cuz u have to pick up reading the writing chinese at a really really young age, by that, i mean starting at 5yo. so this adorable HUGE eyed kid (looked like Lilo) was writing the character "fast" (quai4), he started with the capital H, then the arabic number 2, and a huge cross. wow. u know what? he's not the worst one. i had to teach them those stroke-sequences all over again. i only have a week. no expectations at all. the task in front of us is to finish all the homework across summer.
chungking mansions re supposed to be the scariest spot in hongkong next to the wallcity in the past. drug trafficking, prostitution, black(labour)market, abortion clinics and tax-evasion-smuggling businesses. it's all dark-skinned ppl in there, a taboo for traditional chinese. why? i dunno. both white and black are unlucky? duno. when u get in there, u'll find yerself in turkey, or india, or some random markets in jerusalem on national geographic channel (no i wouldnt want to take a pic in there, dun wanna get my camera/phone snatched). the key to passing thru all these places safely, is to smile (not grin) and pretend to be having a grrrrreat time just by observing and walking around, you know where exactly you are and what exactly you are looking for. yeah, there's no map in there and heck it's confusing. but dont let those ppl see that yer confused.
there's this voluntary doctor at the place i worked. she could speak nepalese, hindi, urdu, english AND RUSSIAN. cuz she graduated from st. petersburg med school, and now she's planning to settle in hk, first by taking that liscense exam, and getting into housemanship.
that was crazy
got a few hrs of free time in between, before seeing derekm and going to lydia's bday. was looking for new watches around. think im gonna get the nike half plastic half metal one. cuz most seiko/swiss watches loook SO good under display light in shops. but in real life, u have to look for something really appealing even on MTR (crap lighting conditions) cuz nobody will flash your watch unless yer in some major blacktie party where posche ppl pretend to find fox hunting so entertaining. back to the watch. eh. how should i describe it. hm. nah, ill find a pic somewhere, and leave an open mic (keyboard) here.
after my missions was accomplished, i went into karaoke with lyd's pals. karaoke is one of the places i tend to avoid, cuz i tend to think that it's a waste of money and time. u can sing along in fornt of yer puter screen (NOW!), or u can go watch some kickbutt movie with that money while eating mcdonald's in the dark. but yesterday, it turned out alrite fun, jo and cat couldnt stand it guess they've been stuck with 2nd hand smoke for 5 hrs?
met some fun ppl, as derek said, lyd has a varying base of friends lol.
i got her the mirror-close-up-lense for her fujifilm instaxmini7 camera, think it'll be useful, cuz i wanted that myself and i ordered that from japan.
dinner at a decent jp restaurant. left straight after dinner with the dereks (2), cuz there are a few ppl i want to avoid. (hinthint there's this sam that hates all the other sams) went to shatin and chilled at mcdonalds until they closed and forced us to go by turning off the lights and AC. samli joined us later.

got home at exactly 12. well done cinderella.

trapped in the maze of time..9:26 PM

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