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and for the umpteenth time...
Monday, June 07, 2004  
yeah eyah
delphis P5 morning
spent 2 hrs on an unworkable question,
the given point doesnt fit on the ellipse otehrwise, with other criterion fulfilled
mrs letters told me in 100seconds that it's the quesstions fault
whilst mr white mr higgins and me were trying hard to figure that out
"there's has to eb something wrong with the logic", that the deduction only unidirectional
ah well
spent the rest of the morning working on econ U5, talked to jess on thet phone
she's not too convince that econ deosnt worth spending that much time
that all the reasons and details are jsut about udnerstanding, not about remembering
hmmm :S

went out to mongkok checked 2nd hadn phones
OMG pantech G900 looks awesome, reads SMS without flipping onpen the phone, thansk to the dual 128x160 280K color screens (1.8inch and 1.3inch)
the inno90 looks awesome too, teh optical fibre that changes color, spinning round and round. that was surreal.. :) looks really original. support for mmf (mp3 similar to chaku uta)
nec c616v is too big for me :P

pics from formal:
me and sung (samsung!!) on stage giving farewell speech to miss tonin :)

and moi getting on stage for the mostlikelytobecomebillionaire award

and here's the speech, we read alternate lines:
sung: hey samuel, what are you doing here
sam: we are about to farewell mis tonin
miss tonin? define that
u see, miss tonin is a product of the maple country
a place with comparative advantage in planting miss tonins
aah but hongkong somehow wasn’t endowed equally, so we had to import
that’s right, you see, the variety and quality of teachers available has marginally improved
later we discovered the multi-functionability of this priceless import
that the import came with a bonus Frisbee
and a golfball
the operating system that bundled with her was a 5th sense of Canadian universities
hence making her the one and only biometric Canadian HE hotline
remember that she’s a maple branded OEM of Italian
so she doesn’t cook Italian
but she can professionally heat up saralee lasagnas
now, let's move on to the selling points of this product
what makes her elasticity of demand so low
cuz she's unique! and special! just like everyone else
she has a inborn allergy to ppl with weird names
or specifically ppl from Kenya i.e. kenyOn
but that wasn’t unchangeable
due to some unanticipated exogenous shocks
now she's given Kenya all sorts of aids, tied aids, bilateral aids, teaching aids, study aid
or just AIDS in general
miss tonin is one of the rare commodities that still practice communism in class
her belief of state-food ownership
and equal rationing and sharing of wealth
factors of production from pastpapers to chewing gum are all statutorily distributed
occasionally she experiences market failure
she can collude with u on board games
however, comparing to major MNCs, she is of moral business
unlike mcdonalds, her smiles are genuinely free
tho not free good by definition, as more is preferred
unlike nike, who only prints ads, she'll actually do what she says
but even like the most prestigious DHL
delays are unlikely yet inevitable, sometimes
what makes her distinctively different from other substitutes is her 17” G4 powerbook and broadband connection
she ATQs straight away with her down-to-earth personality
she can give u the most bizzare comments and apologizing halfway
sometimes she replies without RTQing
sometimes what she says is so concise that ND and NC are evident
she can do artistic MC MR AC AR AVC curves with utter confidence
but, the biggest complaint would be her SPG
not to be mixed up with PMS, but we do get a lot of that too
she'll scribble illegible chants on the board that scratches the head off the brightest of archeologists
she can widen our range of learning materials even via the darkest under-table transaction in the blackmarket
but all in all, we are unworthy to evaluate this rare commodity

miss tonin will be leaving us this December
wish she brings with her
the best of the best
the most bullish of speculations
and the most perfect condition of ceteris paribus

trapped in the maze of time..4:49 AM

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