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and for the umpteenth time...
Monday, May 17, 2004  
i think somebody is trying to hoax me online:

kazeem: hi how are you
kazeem: are you there
kazeem: xumdeo hi again
kazeem: we need you online now and we need your reply now
me:whos thismay i ask
kazeem: i am an importer and expoter and interest in buying from
me:yes, what is your location?
kazeem: my location is in nigeria
kazeem: and your own location is
me:what are u interested in?
kazeem: i am interested in mobile phone
me:i am in hong kong now
kazeem: ok
me:i have access to general GSM phones
kazeem: but we need your full surport with this business which need samples for
me:samples for?
me:how can i help?
me:who's we, would u mind telling me more about eyr company or what does "we" refer to?
kazeem: my company is ORIS INTERNATIONAL and we will like to stand as your agent here and in which we need the samples for quality test for our customers that we buy lager order from us
me:how did u find my contact?
kazeem: we got your contact through trade contact (liar)
kazeem: and we need your surport for this business
me:i never list myself in trade contacts
kazeem: or sorry for the mistake we done is through internet such
me:ok, if im interested, how may i help, could u give me more details as to what exactly aspects i would be involved in
me:(does your company have any affiliation with accessible websites for my information?)
kazeem: we are try to build the website , but we have an email address
me:which is..?
me:oris international is a registered trademark of the Oris Conference briefly associated with Switzerland, im just curious if u are aware of that
kazeem: and orisokla@hotmail (copany using free webmails ya rite)
me:anyway, how would i be involve with your company? and are there any personalles i would have to talk to
kazeem: you can talk to the director kazeem which own the company (kazeem sounds more like kazaa than a name in nigerian language)
me:ok, how can i help in the process? what do i do in hongkong, if i agreed to help?
kazeem: please we need your assistance for the samples which for the quality test for our customers and in which they have to shown this to there various customers before the forward the larger order
me:so what exactly does that mean, you transfer funds for me to psot mobile phone models to nigeria, in otherwords
kazeem: and please kindly understand our explaination about this
kazeem: what we mean is that you send the samples for our company first and you add the cost to the larger order but the samples has to send first for quality inspect for our customers
me:but, do i get the funds, and how can i trust your company's validity
kazeem: please you we get the funds and please we need your trust on us and we realy want to have this business with you and we trust you for this business to move and we need surport and understanding (please give me free phones)
kazeem: and your cooperation we bring gain to both house (babelfish translation?)
me:if your company can draw Letters of Credit from a bank
me:because it is irrational for me just so send sample one way, while i have no clue whether the money would come back
me:adn we're not talking about 1USD, but an avg phone coss $200USD excluding postage, and im neither protected nor informed if i break any copyright/patent/embargo/tariff/quota limitation in your country
me:particularly for products from SonyEricsson
me:letters of credit, known as L/C in some places, avaliable at HSBC, market outlets at both aplces
me:which, has headquaters at my place
me:drawing an L/C would gurantee protection for both parties, when fodges are not uncommon
kazeem: we understand your message but we agree to open letter of credit for the lager order with the samples but we need to see the samples first which is 4or 5pcs for the samples and understand we have see the quality test first
me:if the samples do not pass your ""quality test"" and you send back, it is of no use for me (QC control man) but it's jsut a waste of materials
me:i suggest your company open letters of credit anyway for samples since they are NOT free goods by definition
me:4-5 samples would costs about 10000$ HKD, which is an avg monthly salary in Hong Kong, a place with GDP per capita at least 300% more than your country
me:it is unreasonable for any firms to ask for free delivery of samples without initial injection of funding, that leads to doubts for your company which can be unnecessary if your company does mean business in the light of minimum legal protection for both parties
me:and i suppsoe you will have the same answer from anyone or any wholesalers well informed
kazeem: but we want you to understand we have been in this business for the past 8years but we tell you that we dont mormally ask for samples but we have got loose due to our mistake of not asking fot product test and forward it to our customers for the quality ispection before we forward the larger order
me:im afraid im unable to trust on this deal if no L/Cs are drawn from an agreed bank because each sample cost at least 200USD as i quoted, that's why u have to declare "sample" and its value on your parcel in accordance to itnernational aviation security and transfer-payment guidelines
kazeem: but this is not out fist time asking for free samples and we got from the manufacturere and in which request for it and they send it to us free and please kindly put your trust on us
me:please back your claims with evidence
me:i doubt if this is the first time your company's making similar requests as your company don't seem to be aware that none of the major phone makers have headquaters in HK (duh)
kazeem: what did you mean
kazeem: we want you to understand us about this situation (that u are trying to get free phones to show off to yer buddies)
me:and parrallel import/export is potentially illegal in Nigeria, otherwise subject to customs duty adn sales taxes
me:parallel exprot may also be consiidered illegal in here as SonyEricsson (e.g.) has regulations for reginoal distribution and compliances to authorities
me:as usual practice to minimize costs, your company shoudl ask for mediators in europe, or go to the regional HQ to ask for samples (might be free) e.g. in South Africa which is only a few hrs flight from your country in the same customs union (fly over to hk adn talk to me if u wish)
kazeem: please we are a registered company in nigeria and we can give you our registered (yes, hwo to verify that, are u sure the nmber is nto the CD key on yer pirated windows XP cdrom??)
me:if your comapny is of 8 yrs establishment and dealing with mobilephone redistricution business may i ask why isnt there an accessible homepage yet?
kazeem: number with evidence
me:i don't need your registration number as a company can be of empty shell
me:what i would like to see is evidence of past deals with mediators
me:im interested in knowing your customs weiver/licenses
me:and im interested in knowing if there is anyone i can talk to, in real life, face-to face
me:usually a copany will NOT contact mediators on IM
me:as it is subject to fraud business, which we both fear i suppose
me:i dont' see the reason for not issuing L/C for samples of approx 1200USD of worth
me:otherwise, i don't see why your company is not negotiating with the S.African branch of phone makers
kazeem: but we can open letter of crdit but we have to see what we will letter of credit for understand this
me:ok, is your company listed on official nigerian yellow pages? may i have the URL please?
kazeem: what did you mean (babelfish is useless sometimes)
me:yellow pages
me:(un)official listing of registration of your company
kazeem: what you mean by this
me:letters of credits are designed to protect both the improters and exporters
me:with the gurantee of a bank in between (yes, a kid is telling u this??)
kazeem: or did you me to fax our regisratin company to you
me:email preferrred :) thank you
me:i would like to see if there;re any contracts i can sign or i have to sign
me:other terms or regfulations i should be well informed ebfore i proceed as
1. firms have export controls, and im unware of any technological embargoes to your country (e.g. PS2 a few years ago)
2. im unaware of the system of parallel import and its legal consequence in nigeria, also the system fo improt duties
3. transaction must be done in USD, as the nigerian currency is subject to flutuation +-10% above
kazeem: i dont understand all mean bt this
me:ok, then you must be lying :) (im finally telling him this)
me:tell me about the past business your company has sucessfully dealt with
kazeem: but what did you got to do about this in this business, you have trust on us but you have try us for this business, we need your trust on this and we also trust you
me:i am unable to trust anyone whom i've jsut met for an hr for 1200USD
me:this sounds like a classic fraud
me:i am unable to search for any information of your suppsoedly well established company
me:not even the email of your "director"
kazeem: but for this we belief that you an agent
me:and or it's nto we, its' only you and me
kazeem: and not a manufacturere
me:yes, agents must be protected by law
me:shoudl be well informed of imrpot and export controls
me:you have NO idea what i am talking about
me:lemme tell you something, this is not like nigeria where u can buy yourself out of anything, the law does not work like that over here
me:i am obliged to follow the export/import criterion set up here
me:that is of basic company if not citizenship knowledge
me:and you shoud be aware that importing and resaling , say, a SE phone in nigeria is an infringement to the distribution policy of SE
kazeem: iam going and we see letter but we have interest in buying
kazeem: see you
kazeem: bye bye
me:yeah yeah yeah you're still online

talking like a desperate 12 yo and absuing babelfish
knows nothing about business nor econ
knows nothing about L/C not until i defined what it is for him
knows nothing about distribution and EMradiation regulations
unaware of the difference between tax systems
unaware of my location
unaware of where my contact came up (or jsut pretended)
unaware of existence of stn called wholesalers or official distributors
unaware of the basic cost-reduction common sense: talk to somebody on yer continent!! or talk to the manufacturer yerself, since yer so well-established

trapped in the maze of time..6:06 AM

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