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and for the umpteenth time...
Thursday, January 08, 2004  
fujitsu's F505iS has a 1.3MP CCD camera +autofocus + GPS function + 65536color OLED subdisplay. 64polyphony and QVGA main screen, btw

u knwo what's the greatest program bill gates has ever written?
yes, it takes the least system resource, no annoying delay,
no stupid spell check, no dumbo grammatical corrections
a small file
that can be read on PDAs and phones :)

we had a great econ-T class yesterday
we have never seen her laughed THAT hard lol (thanks to grace)
me and kenyon were jsut trying to piss sung off cuz he wasnt there on monday
we went like "u know what? we had a new teacher teaching a new subject"
"da heck seriously. what did she teach"
"oh u mean the NEW teacher? susana tonina? she taught ergonomics..."

i statred on the planning for physics corsework today
making some great progress
will need to take a look at the real machine tmr at the lab
the only problem is, how many sets of data should i take from each subject
need to find out how much time it takes..

wacthing and trying to get the following movies:
1. lost in translation (hmm great reviews)
2. confidence (HH liked it, i only had the chance to watch tyhe first 15min)
3. mystic river (missed it on theatres!!)
4. cold mountain
5. monster ball
6. matchstick man (again!) yes me and kate (and d) lurved that movie

i was trying to upload pics to nikonnet for voice2 today (why the stupid upload?? cuz those darn puters jsut won't read direct-CDs, drivers got auto-deleted after restart. u see? it's NOT my fault.)
and the server sorta stopped responding
and it was PSE time and i was stuck frustrated at the library
a teacher came over and went
"sam it's pse time and you're late for 6 minutes"
i snapped abck half way "yes i KNOW i'm late, but i need to upload these pics to nikonnet for voice"
(i sounded quite rude, i know, but the server was really pissing me off)
"when do you need to do this" (now he's giving me a chance to explain, which was good, cuz that would have enver happened in lsc)
"like NOW" (da heck, what am i saying? that was just RUDE. it's jsut my personality to be stubbornly against PSE)
"aight u can stay here for another minute, but you HAVE to go to PSE" (he gives me some space)
"k" (rules are rules, but it's jsut WRONG to FORCE people into PSE, i don't mind even if it's GS...well...depends)
if i were the teacher, i dun think i could squeeze as much patience really....

ok end of confession

eventually i gave up.
left the program uploading, knowing that some yr789s will screw that
well screw that i dun care
went upstairs. caught the whole class (+formtutor) in the middle of a debate
cutting salaries for ESF teachers (NO COMMENT *cough* u cannot definte what is enough and what isnt for another person. and in this case it's not about getting enough or not, it's about being fair; justified or not)
they're too busy to acknowlodge me being late (yes, i can only recall myself being late 2 times at SC)
so i jsut sat there, read my schizophrenia book and made notes
aah, i WISHED i didn't come up, i jsut didn't feel lke wasting time arguing
between the 2 extremes
i would rather GET THINGS DONE and prepare for the chemistry test afterwards (it went ok, btw)

then we did a TINY sixtie questionies quizzie on
1. 17% of relevant stuff that proved to be useful and you-should-know
2. 20% of current issues but stuff that you either know-it-or-not cuz u are simply not in that field!!
3. 20% of you-are-just-not-in-that-culture-sorry-yer-rejected
4. 20% of middle-names-of-dead-people-that-you-won't-care
5. 20% of stuff-that-meand louis-knew-in-chinese-and-japanese-but-not-in-any-other-languages (btw, i suck at food names and animal names, that's my blind spot)
6. 3% of pure insanity

and whoever wrote the quiz must have had a goodwill and a great expectation
but subconciously having a heavily culturally biased initiative
(yes yes yes ESF school i know)


wait till i get to uni
i can really get to work at my own pace
and make the best use of my time

trapped in the maze of time..5:09 AM

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