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and for the umpteenth time...
Thursday, January 23, 2003  
george bush is dumb
he's trying to direct the americans' attention from the economic slowdown to the war (or recession, to be exact, and i'll be right within 2 years)
from decreasing self esteem to extreme right wing blindfolded nationalism

ok, yer not gonna find bin ladin anyway, yer satelites aren't good enough to chase a low-tech guy who has probably never touched a WAP 1.0 phone before (WAP is now 2.0+ or at least 1.21)
so they give up
they deicided that it's too expensive to call the whole troop back
so, they wanna stay and do something "worth the time"
hmmmmmm iraq is just next door....

by the way, there's just no exact proof for iraq to do anything that has violated any rules YOU set that u have to attack the country
first off, u guys both have nuclear and biological weapons
is a pious muslim more dangerous than a fake and sick-minded southern baptist? sometimes i think they're about the same.
"phobophobia" and paranoid
a selfish, low-esteem wannabe
a guy who always does the right thing..... given that he has already done all the wrong things u can think of
a guy who thinks his country is the only country in the world legible and legitimate to own, research, test and demonstrate mass-destructive weapons.
a country who, has banned all countries from performing nuclear weapon tests after herself has performed more than 1000 tests. sorry, yer not fast enough. and oh, it is on the 1000th test we finally learn to appreciate how harmful nuclear weapons can be.
jsut because u privatized CNN doesn't mean that there's media freedom.
just because u give unified monologue adn guidelines on major issues to all TV stations doesn't mean that u are not brainwashing the people.
jsut that u are trying to cover up mistreating all journalists who were not reporting 911 the "right" way (or the "safe" way) deosn't mean that all people are convinced.

oil is yummy, and it's a good medicine for the pre-recession-economy
but this thinking is outdated
guess what, if they win, they get the control of oil, US'll get superlow import prices
same theory as the way UK colonized india to get the cotton a century ago, US is trying to do the same thing in a less civilized, more shameless yet anonymous and "righteous" manner
u know what? look at the UK boom in 1988-1991, that's when the northsea oil was discovered, balance of payments (both the current AND capital accounts!!!!) went from a traditional red into postmodern blue
hmmm yummy indeed
but what US has not realized is that oil doesn't perform the same trick again.
money is not all about secondary industry
secondary industry is not all about cheap plastic and sticky crude oil anymore
not anymore
take a look at Sterling, once got hit from 2.02US to 1.33US, it never went up again in history
everything fell apart soon afterwards
UK suffered a 9-yr economic downtrun
and the recent ""recovery"" was part of the side effect of the aquity-bubble in southeast and london area
it's not all about oil

or is the whole thing a game
trying to depreciate US dollars to stimulate exports
yet the central bank doesn't have the guts to devaluate the currency by statute?
ohhhh the invisible hands! how smart is that, let the market decide on how the US dollars should drop
see? the market is free
ohhh yeah
let's ""say"" that we're gonna be at war to push instantaneous consumption expenditure up and hencce aggregate demand, knowing that the country suffers from high allocative inefficiency? (hence, there's no pressure for high inflation as demonstrated by the keysian's diagram, woohoo)
or were the numbers all rounded off?
200000 troops yeah, or is it 150001 soilders correct to nearest hundred thousand, on tour (they just been to hongkong, for example) to caribbean, once the threat was gone, the effect was done, they go back and retire? they chose to take the long way, ALL AROUND ASIA to middle east, but not jsut across the atlantic ocean??? yeah, they need some gameboys and md players on the ship. they're wasting their taxpayers' money. why don't they fix the schools that are literally falling apart or repay some of their national debts? or rise their general average income (G.A.Y; income in economics is abbreviated as "y")

why don't they fix their ever-deficit balance of payments first

all these are part of the dyslexic bush's propaganda (trying hard to get re-elected), no offense, but i think nobody has ""misunderestimated"" bush except himself.

trapped in the maze of time..5:07 AM

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