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and for the umpteenth time...
Monday, November 04, 2002  
there's nothing crazier than launching 7 phones in early monday morning

nokia is crazy,26336,hot_topics,00.html

n-gage, something that looks liek a gameboy+chatpad thing

Nokia 7250 the same platform 40, with a digital camera added. The rest of the changes are purely cosmetical.

Nokia 6800 is a 5510 ideological successor. This model is aimed for active SMS users. Same platform, with addition of 4 Mb of RAM to store pictures, JAVA midlets and melodies. This means that the phone is targeted for a youth market. The hinted function of MMS to E-mail messaging will most certainly appeal even to business users. They are the second target group, and for them there are Notes, an organizer and SyncML compatibility (sync software included). This is a pricey model which should attract customers by its originality.

Nokia 5100 is derived mostly from 5210 model, since it has the same casing protecting it against splashes, dust, and bumps. Thermometer is also present. As a platform 40 was used, on which the 6610, 7210 and 6100 phones are built upon as well. In addition, this model has an automatic sound adjustment system and a sound meter first seen in Nokia 6250. High-resolution color screen, J2ME and MMS are also standard for platform 40 phones.

Nokia 8910i ¡V upgrade for an 8910 luxury phone. Color screen, software upgrade and it looks a lot like 6610 now :)

Nokia 6100, as was mentioned before, is similar to Nokia 7210 and 6610. The same platform was used, but instead of an FM radio, a Wallet function and a customizable distribution list are present. There is nothing more to be said about this model, just a redesigned model with minor software differences.

and another black and white phone (the pic isn't that attractive)
So, as we see, Nokia did not present 6 new models, strictly speaking, but rather 6 upgrades. The only truly original model is a Nokia 6800. These models will go on sale either before the end of the year, or in Q1 next year, by which we can assume, that a new generation GSM phone will be launched shortly after that in Q2. It will be based on an entirely new platform with a lot more on-board memory. Remember how Nokia 6210 collected all the good functions that were before it? Well this will be a repeat of history, since the new platform will support all the best features of the old model range. It will also have a Windows-like Recycle Bin to store all the deleted data. There will be a lot riding on that new model, since it will have a new open OS that will allow users to install their own apps and enhance the functionality of their phone according to their needs. However, these are all just speculations, we will just have to wait and see what will really happen.
all on shelves 1st quater of 2003
i mgiht be able to play with them at ITU 2003 hongkong DEC 2-7 2002. woohoo!

New Nokia Economy [ 02:29 ]
Author: Eldar Murtazin

No doubt 4th of November will be remembered by many, since on this very day Nokia has launched 6 new mobile phones simultaneously. For some manufactures, their entire model line is smaller than that number. Now that Nokia has the biggest model line of all, let us see actually how good it is for them.

Let us start with the basics. Since there are more models ¡V sales should increase, but not linearly. Since several models have only slight differences in their functionality and the actual difference lies in design alone, we can safely assume that they are marketed for the same audience. For instance, Nokia 7210, 6610 and 6100 models are the same phone except for design features. Small functional diversity is designed to target a more precise market group. By this sort of tweaking, you can gain more sales with several models that with a single universal phone, but the production amount of each model should be smaller as well. So let us do some math (all numbers are fictional).

In a certain country, the possible market for Nokia 6610 is estimated at 1000 phones a month. A certain amount of customers decided not to go with this model since it does not have a Wallet function (let us say a 100 people). Another group does not like the design (100 more people). Therefore, we see that potentially there are more customers than was estimated. There are some more consumers, not totally satisfied with the model by other reasons, but their numbers is insignificant, or the phone cannot be revised to their needs. Thus if Nokia launches 3 models instead of just one, they can improve their market share by 200 customers a month. However, we should note, that the cost of such a launch would be higher as well (advertising, maintenance costs, etc). Nevertheless, they can improve the number of satisfied customers and thus improve the market share! The income of this sort of action would not be great, but instead a trademark value is improved, which would help future model launches.

Another interesting aspect of this approach is the depletion of competitors resources, since every smallest market share gained for Nokia, is a market share lost for competitors. This way they will lose profitability or even go into loss. Most of manufacturers are suffering losses already, by the way. In the future, when some of the competitors will be forced to leave this business, Nokia can cut the production of "unneeded" models. This would make sense, since it is hard to maintain such a production tempo and a providing a good maintenance, especially with the same amount of personnel. We figure that this "big launch" strategy might continue for a year, maybe 18 months at most.

One more point should be noted. The more models are in production the cheaper it is to produce a single phone, but the average price will rise due to reasons noted above. Therefore, the manufacturer is not getting any serious profit at all, but instead achieves a goal of elimination competition and increasing its value. Alternatively, the company might be willing to sell the mobile phone division by increasing its value, but this sounds extremely unlikely

trapped in the maze of time..7:33 PM

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