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HTC Athena/ Dopod U1000

Qtek 8500/Dopod S300

LG KE800

LG KG810

LG KG920

LG KE970 Shine

LG KF600

LG P7200

LG S5200

LG U830

Motorola E6

Motorola MS550


NEC N840

Nokia 1265

Nokia 1325

Nokia 5300

Nokia 5500 Sports

Nokia 8800 Sirocco

Nokia N76

Nokia N95 cam vs SE K800

Palm Treo 750v

Panasonic VS7

RIM Blackberry 8700v

Samsung D800

Samsung D830

Samsung D900

Samsung F300

Samsung F500

Samsung G1000

Samsung i600

Samsung P850

Samsung P9000

Samsung SPH-G1000

Samsung U600

Samsung X820

Samsung Z300

Sharp 903

Sharp 910SH

Sharp SX862 (new!)

SonyEricsson J110/J120

SonyEricsson K200/K220

SonyEricsson K530

SonyEricsson K550

SonyEricsson K770

SonyEricsson K810

SonyEricsson K850

SonyEricsson T650

SonyEricsson W610

SonyEricsson W880

SonyEricsson W850

SonyEricsson W900

SonyEricsson W910

SonyEricsson W960

SonyEricsson Z320

SonyEricsson Z550

SonyEricsson Z610

Toshiba TS30

Toshiba TX80

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7. cheddar cheese+ baked potato

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10. meat lasagna with extra cheese

and for the umpteenth time...
Wednesday, August 28, 2002  
i know u guys are wating, but i'm yet to finish my bio page, meanwhile, u can have a sneak peek at my specs/favs/hates:

a lot of people asked for my specs. and ok. here we go.
name in english/christian name: samuel chan
cantonese romanization: chan shung kay (real pronunciation: tsun songg geih)
mandarin romanization: chen chong ji
japanese romanization: chin shyon ki
korean romanizarion: jin seong ki
gender: the yang part of the ying-yang (gguy. DUH?)
height= variable
weight= variable

color: blue, blue, blue and silver
food (general): KFC, malaysian yellow curry, thai green curry, satay and korean shin la myeon (chilli ramen)
snacks: prawn crackers from marks and spencer, pizza chips from carlbee japan, lays' sour cream onion chips
ice SCREAM: dryer's cookies n cream, meiji vanila, movenpick roasted almond
so-dahh (and drink): sprite, swippes' grapefruit juice, jolly shandy, vitasoy, and WHOLE FAT/QUADRIPLE-FAT MILK (cow milk, not camel milk not goats' milk nor whales' milk)
actor: collin farrel, guy pierce, keanu reeves, eddie cibrian
actress: sandra bullock, catherine zeta jones, angelina jolie, ally mcbeal (not her real name)
music genre: r&b, electronic, korean rock
group: sugababes, 98 degrees, savage garden, the corrs, boyzIImen, HOT (korean), browneyes (korean), flytothesky (korean)
male singer: darren hayes, bebo norman, jay chow/zhao (taiwanese), moon heejun (korean), kangta (korean), yoo young jin (korean)
female singer: natalie imbruglia, trisha yearwood, lene marlin, alanis morrisette, michelle branch, udata hikaru (japanese), WAX (korean), tasha (korean), elva hsiu (taiwanese)
movie: memento, legally blonde, gladiator, bourne idendity, minority report, spiderman, K-PAX, miss congeniality, matrix, crouching tiger hidden dragon
clothes: giordano, gap, banana republic, guess, tommy H, esprit, armani exchange
gadgets: mobile phones, digital cameras, sub-notebooks, PDAs (personal digital assistants), PADs (personal audio devices)
cars: no thank you, i'd prefer cool trains and nice planes
cities: toronto, tokyo (and yokohama!!), kyoto, hongkong, seattle, berlin, dublin, zurich, amsterdam
country: switzerland!!!
airports: seoul incheon (!!), hongkong kaitak, osaka, singapore chengyi,
companies: sony, sharp, panasonic, samsung, LG, apple computers, NTT docomo, KIDDI corp, J-phone/vodaphone group, JW Marrioit holdings, Swire holdings, singapore airlines. US airways *sob*. HSBC. norman foster and group. KPN mobile (nederlands) inc. polaroid.

raw tomato or cucumber or any kind of meat. lamp chop. edible internal organs. indian dessert. artificial food coloring. japanese curry. the sound of any slavic or scandinavian languages typing vietnamnese. chongjie. hongkong education system. stupid and nasty teachers (but not smart teachers). Intel. microsoft. Konka. BHS. wallmart. konica. Xbox. windows ME. DVD-RW, DVDRAM (but not DVD+RW). smartmedia. sandisk. dataplay. united airlines. american airlines. british airways (!!! worst of all) Jive music. britney spears. glay. spice girls. westlife. nsync. o-town (argh!!!). limp bizket. eminem. madonna. michael jackson's face. LA airport. bangkok airport. beijing the city. shanghainese locals. taiwanese housewives. korean drunkards (drunkards only). cigarrettes. med school. law school. SAT. HKCEE. IB. HKAL. london. climate in UK. the australian accent. high temperature and humidity without AC. sashimi. repeatative rap or hiphop music. lyrics that don't make sense at all. guys who wear pink. dragonball styled hair. anything gothic or anti-christ (!!). too much piercings. eye surgery. programming languages. calculus. NEWTON. statistics. HP computers. Acer computers. imation CDRs. CRT screens. simplified chinese webpages. MS frontpage. LOTUS (!!). correl draw. hotmail. msn networks. i-cable. F4. nerds who major in math. the food on JAL. any phone made by motorola or nokia. AT&T. Sprint. electic shavers... (the list won't end)

trapped in the maze of time..11:37 AM

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