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LG KF600

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LG U830

Motorola E6

Motorola MS550


NEC N840

Nokia 1265

Nokia 1325

Nokia 5300

Nokia 5500 Sports

Nokia 8800 Sirocco

Nokia N76

Nokia N95 cam vs SE K800

Palm Treo 750v

Panasonic VS7

RIM Blackberry 8700v

Samsung D800

Samsung D830

Samsung D900

Samsung F300

Samsung F500

Samsung G1000

Samsung i600

Samsung P850

Samsung P9000

Samsung SPH-G1000

Samsung U600

Samsung X820

Samsung Z300

Sharp 903

Sharp 910SH

Sharp SX862 (new!)

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SonyEricsson K550

SonyEricsson K770

SonyEricsson K810

SonyEricsson K850

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SonyEricsson W610

SonyEricsson W880

SonyEricsson W850

SonyEricsson W900

SonyEricsson W910

SonyEricsson W960

SonyEricsson Z320

SonyEricsson Z550

SonyEricsson Z610

Toshiba TS30

Toshiba TX80

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and for the umpteenth time...
Monday, July 29, 2002  
1st day at wycliffe. doing the logging tape thing. i notice that i'm always on josh's tape, and my apperance is significantly more frequent than other people. weird huh. anyway, i did the time in time out and the description thing. cool stuff.
roby went back to orlando. leaving for honduras tomorrow.
hanging out with matt tomolo, citywalk and the beach, or around waterfront lake.

tech update:
1. JVC/victor has released a new series of earphones. looks really nice. it's made of rubber to block the sound.

2. sharp has released a new phone via j-phone/vodaphone network. j SH-09. 16700thousand color 2.1inch main TFT display, 65536 color 0.9inch panel GF display. builtin in CCD takes pictures at 640x480pixels, 10 seconds of movie with sound recording. illumination for taking pictures/movies when it's too dark. u can even pick the color of the light!!

3. new standard for storing data released. a new XD media to take over smartmedia, jointly developed by fujifilm and olympus, produced by toshiba. on shelves in aug, CF adaptor coming soon. capacity: 8Gb within4 years.

official press release:
Olympus Announces Development of xD-Picture Card, A Revolutionary Ultra-Compact Digital Camera Memory Media
World's Smallest Memory Cards Offer Storage Capacity Up To 8 Gigabytes, Lower Power Consumption, and Compatibility with Different Digital Camera Brands

July 30, 2002, Melville, NY -- Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. and Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. (Fujifilm) of Japan today announced they have jointly developed the xD-Picture Card, a new type of memory media with an ultra-compact design about the size of a postage stamp, image storage capacity of up to 8 gigabytes, compatibility with different digital camera brands, and prices that are comparable to current SmartMedia cards.

The name of the new xD-Picture Card was inspired by the words "eXtreme digital" to signify the excellence of this new memory media for recording, storing, and transporting audiovisual information. The xD-Picture Card will be produced on consignment by Toshiba Corporation in Japan and introduced in the Americas this fall along with digital cameras from Olympus and Fujifilm that support the media.

Olympus and Fujifilm cooperated on the development of the xD-Picture Card to respond to the needs of consumers using today's advanced digital still cameras. These users require greater memory capacity, and with initial sizes from 16 to 128 megabytes at introduction, and followed by 256 megabytes by the end of 2002 and larger sizes up to 8 gigabytes in the future, the new xD-Picture Card meets and exceeds memory needs.

Camera users concerned with compatibility of digital media between different brands of digital cameras will appreciate the xD-Picture Card's versatility. With a Compact Flash adapter the xD-Picture Card can be used with any Compact Flash compatible device for even more possibilities. A USB Reader/Writer provides easy computer connectivity, and a PCMCIA PC Card adapter for laptops and other devices ensures the easy downloading of data.

Although similar in some ways to all flash media, xD-Picture Cards are designed for increased durability and reliability despite their size. The small size of the card will also allow for digital manufacturers to design even smaller, more stylish and powerful digital devices in the future.

"Olympus has been a supporter of SmartMedia in our digital cameras since the introduction of our first digital camera in 1997, and we plan to continue distributing this media for our customers," said John Knaur, Product Manager for Digital Consumer Products Group at Olympus, "As the needs of digital camera users evolve and the demand for greater memory capacities combines with the necessity for compatibility, Olympus and Fuji are responding with a new media designed to grow along with the market and meet the challenges of tomorrow."


Ultra-compact 0.97" x 0.98" x 0.67" size
With a volume of 0.85cc and a weight of 2g, the xD-Picture Card boasts the smallest form factor of any digital memory card, making it exceptionally portable and convenient. The miniature size of the new Card will enable development of even smaller digital cameras.

Planned capacities up to 8GB
Four types of Cards will be available initially: 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, and 128MB. 256MB Cards are planned to be introduced this December, with 512MB and 1GB - 8GB Cards to follow from the next year.

Core media concept
PC Card adapters and USB card readers will be available simultaneously with xD-Picture Cards, allowing easy interfacing with personal computers. A CompactFlash adapter is being developed that will allow the use of xD-Picture Cards in cameras designed for CompactFlash media. Plans to adapt the new media for PDAs, audio players and other IT appliances are also underway.

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