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and for the umpteenth time...
Sunday, April 21, 2002  
reposting my dream phone. 65536 color screen. SD card slot. built in camera and mp3 player and recorder. 40 polyphonic ring tone (comparing to nokia's crappy 4 polyphonicz.... they thought they're great, but they suck) click here for a 40 polyphonic demo. yer phone is SUPPOSED to be ringing like this. u may even use yer voice as yer ringing tone, click here

ok, i watched Panic Room this afrernoon. it's about a panic room which is very panic... blah. erm, actually i'll call this movie a super low cost production. they only need a house, 10 ppl and a coupla of cameras. the story wasn't that bad actually, the cameras are nice (geez, is this the only thing i notice every time i watch movies??). no i mean it. it's really nice. it gives u a feeling that yer floating around the room without any dimensional limitation. yeah, just like an endoscope. u drill a whole and stuff the snake-like tube into yer tummy. (heehee, scary) it's cool, eimagine u can just fly like a bee around the room. awesome! (i think this one is better than the FIGHT CLUB; same director)
i had dinner at festival walk, strolled amoung the shops for an hr: hongkong records, pageone, fortress, no clothes (weird). went back home, did some bio pastpapers: the finger-licking genetics. i've done 2 inches of the whole stack, another inch to go, i guess. *sighs* this is no boocrap, our syllabus is three times that of SATII. like, those ppl who score 90% in SATII physics have never taken any physics class in their lives. and it only took them 3 months. AWE!! this is soooooo unfair. anyway, i've decided to post my comments on all of the 9 subjects i'm taking rite here rite now.

1. chinese language (chi lang)
this subj takes about 30% of my revision time. it's a challange for yer harddisk (brain). to get an A. u'll need 1000Gb and a second hand 286 but a wireless keyboard and an extravagant sony-built-in-webcam optical mouse. it takes u a year just to eat all the books.
expected grade: C to B

2. english langauge (eng)
this one takes 0% of my study time . but it takes 20% of my exam time. this darn subj has 5 papers.
a live or die grade: A

3. mathematics (math)
the 2 year syllabus took us 6 weeks to finish, it takes up 0.0% (cor. to 1d.p.) of schoolhours. not to mention the effort i spend on this subj. there's NO guarantee yer gonna score high even if u pop yer eyes onto the book. u'll need 2 calculators, the passion for maths (stn i lack, instead, i have the hatred to math) a well-ventilated room. a 300Mhz brain with 10000Gb RAM. u need a LCD monitor (OLED is preferred). u need lots of glucose and lots of stuff for u to throw when yer fedup. maths won't force me to think, it will only prevent me from thinking. it all goes down to problem avoiding, not problem solving. sad case.
modest grade: B

4. additional mathmatics (amath)
a preview version for pure mathematics in form6, stn that will be taught again in university AGAIN (i have to use "again" twice cuz i really mean it) if yer taking engineering/maths anything related to maths. a waste of time, yet very very significant. u'll need a life longer than 2.5 hrs (for the paper), a backup battery case, 2 calculators, the passion for the examiners; a rigid programmed interface with no emotion. i've learnt to hate newton. he SUX! look at all the wrong deeds he has done, u can say that calculus is fun (jon??) but we don't call amath fun at all. if u call amath an ass, then this will be the tightest ass u can find in da whole world . NORMAL ppl can take 5 yrs to learn them, and we're squeezing them into 1.5 year. so tight that u find difficulty in going potty (i luv thius word, jax). u need to belief that what u get is equal to what u paid, although it is totally untrue in this case.
expected grade: B

5. physics (phy)
school hours<0 a subj that is NOT taught at school (though they have lessons but u won't understnad a bit). 99% of my class take the same tutorial lesson after school (some private orgainization, which is not related to my school at all). cuz my phy teachers suck. they all suck. not that they don't have a brain, they lack some association neurons. we never use any textbooks, we only use notes.
take it or leave it grade: A

6. chemistry (chem)
a subj heavily depends on teacher and guidance. a bad teacher can mess up yer concepts. u'll die if u don't yer calculators. u'll realize that addition and subtraction problems can be real hard.
must must must must: A

7. biology (bio)
u need no teacher for this one. u have guides for pratical and u have study guides. u need no books, but u need at least 10 year pastpapers.
a prove for my IQ, which is higher than 100: A

8. economics (econ)
ok this is the hardcore part of our education system. this is the only subj worth boasting: the most updated syllabus of all. i like the teacher and i don't hate the subject. this is a challange for u to convince ppl of stn u don't believe and u know it's wrong. everything is classified goods in economics, a humiliation to all ppl and to the one who creatde us. **interesting** u have to understand that economics is a wrong application of wrong philosophy on to wrong situation for wrong ppl trying to explain things when they go wrong. wrong and then wrong, does that make things right again? -(-1)=+1 *grinz* in economics, we're talking about models and scenerios, stn that can be interpretted millions of ways u want. economists never agree, unless it's benefitial to all of them. statement: gobal economy is recovering. argument: figures are not trustworthy, drop by 50 percent and then increase by 50 percent, what do u get? u get 75% of the original thing, baby. if figures are not trustworthy, who can u trust (in this world out of spiritual basis i must add)? er.... gold and john nesh? i dunno, haha. economics is about psychology, as u can see directly from its definition: to study how human beings make choices in scarcity. oh well, i need newton in this case, i need to do differienciation on supply/demand curves. although i can't deny my discrimation against anything with the name "newton" including newton brand apples.
i'm a human being: A.

9. religious studies-catholicism/christianity (RS)
this subj degrades the reilgion to merely boring history and lifeless data. non-christians find it time consuming to learn all the parables and stuff. open book exam yahooooooooo.
a testmony: A

**yawns** i'm so tired to day, i need a shower, i need my bed, and i need someone...
i luv her hair

trapped in the maze of time..6:40 AM

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