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LG KE800

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LG KE970 Shine

LG KF600

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LG S5200

LG U830

Motorola E6

Motorola MS550


NEC N840

Nokia 1265

Nokia 1325

Nokia 5300

Nokia 5500 Sports

Nokia 8800 Sirocco

Nokia N76

Nokia N95 cam vs SE K800

Palm Treo 750v

Panasonic VS7

RIM Blackberry 8700v

Samsung D800

Samsung D830

Samsung D900

Samsung F300

Samsung F500

Samsung G1000

Samsung i600

Samsung P850

Samsung P9000

Samsung SPH-G1000

Samsung U600

Samsung X820

Samsung Z300

Sharp 903

Sharp 910SH

Sharp SX862 (new!)

SonyEricsson J110/J120

SonyEricsson K200/K220

SonyEricsson K530

SonyEricsson K550

SonyEricsson K770

SonyEricsson K810

SonyEricsson K850

SonyEricsson T650

SonyEricsson W610

SonyEricsson W880

SonyEricsson W850

SonyEricsson W900

SonyEricsson W910

SonyEricsson W960

SonyEricsson Z320

SonyEricsson Z550

SonyEricsson Z610

Toshiba TS30

Toshiba TX80

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and for the umpteenth time...
Sunday, April 07, 2002  

1. write a short proposal of not less than 600 words excluding punctuations on how to be a good girl if yer a guy and how to be a good guy if yer a girl. convince the marker of yer gender without providing any legal documents.

2. draw an emergency exit plan if yer mom is mad at you.

3. the following qiestion refers to a closed system mr x is holding an ice cream (cone) in his palm inside a lift travelling upwards with constant velocity. the building has ten floors.
specific heat capacity of mr X= 4150J/(KG K)
specific heat capacity of cone= 2000J/(KG/K)
specific heat capacity of solid ice cream= 3000J/(KG K)
specific heat capacity of liquid ice cream= 4000J(KG K)
initial temperature of ice cream= -2C
temperature of palm of mr x= 35C
height of each floor= 2.5M
relative humidity= 70%
volume of air inside the lift= 5 cubic dm
volume of ice cream= 50ml
initial molarity of ice cream= 3M
constant velocity of lift= 5m/s upward or downward
neglect heat loss and air movement.

a. if mr x is travelling upwards from ground to 10th floor
calculate the amount of water vapor condensed onto the
i cone
ii. icecream

b. suppose mr x is travelling downwards again. calculate
i. the amount of water vaporized and
ii. the amount of ice cream melted
iii. the change of molarity of icecream

c. mr X is travelling upwards again
calculate the amount of water vapor re-condensed onto the
i cone
ii. icecream
iii. with reference fo (a) comment on the change

d. mr x realized that the up and down mechanism can be used in a refridgerator. calculate the efficiency of this machine. express your answer in W/KG icecream.

e. a deviation of 1C of body temperature is considered as having a fever. find the displacement for mr x to have a fever.

f. supposed the building cost of one floor is $100000. building cost of shaft of one floor is $10000. price for extra length of suspension is $300/m. define inequlities of the situation to minimize the cost to obtain the greatest deviation of body temperature of mr x. neglect cost of electricity and heat loss.

trapped in the maze of time..1:32 AM

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