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Tuesday, March 12, 2002  
kenneth refused to update his blog cuz his too busy studying. then he was too busy catching up. poor boy poor boy~~

i've ben posting tonnes of stuff at hee hee:


I think ganoe's comment also has a place. Actually, isn't that what Palm itself is saying? SONY has created this one; other companies not necessarily follow the same way or aim for another innovation. As an m505 owner and like it a lot, before I thought Palm has been somewhat fossil these years and wished they'd have done cooler stuff than Sonys' but now I don't really think so. Aside from SUDS issuse, I think Palm has been making devices that many user would feel like "classic" or "safe". I had a IIIxe, and compare to Visors or TargoPro, it was none of provocative. I got jealous on those devices that were capable of doing more than my IIIxe could do, but then when looking at my IIIxe, I still felt that the little unhansome guy's serving his best for me.

I do think this time's Sony's cretaion is worth an applause but by that I don't let other manufacturers down. It's certainly the richest device ever, but that also means it has to sacrifice things other devices don't: price, durability, weight, battery life, software availability, add-ons, and so on. Even seeing this device, I still think m130 is a really cool device. So is my m505, or Treo, or Handera. PPCs on the other hand, look like all alike to me (well maybe I'm wrong for I don't own any of them). They are like Desktop PC to me. They seem lacking in individuality, personality, or even idiosyncrasy. Palm devices, however, are like motor-cycles. I think this is one reason I prefer Palm over PPC.

So now, if PalmOS has done its job right, Palm world will be more interesting than before - for its wider and various selctions. Palm devices had always been behind of PPC in terms of hardware, but now Sony *exceeded* them. And yet there are still "simple Palms" which have its own goods. All them are connected in one thing - PalmOS. I think this is interesting.

One thing I encourage Sony for what they are doing is that they have been absolutely kicking other companies asses. Other companies must have been under enormous pressure from Sony. That's good for us customers :)


i'm sorry, but sony is an asian company, and they mae things targeted to the asian market. unlike most of the other races, asians are looking for something beautiful, something worth showing off, they care less about durability and applicability. thats why sony has been flooding up the market with tonnes of models.
trust me, if yer a **local** japanese, u don't have much choices for palm, as in palm, not pocket pcs or linux blah blah blah. local japanese won't spend time in learning how to use an english OS; instead, they'll get their OWN sony pdas with built-in japanese platform. and the way sony modified the OS to fit the jap is amazing, take a look at the jap edition, they have 4 more buttons by the writing area,(duh??!!) the input method is the same as their mobile phones. japs are using their phones with their PDAs. they don't care about how much money that costs, all they care is style.all they want is something that would keeptheir fingers occupied in chikatetsu (underground trains) that's why sony's reinforing the japs with the fact that this is a new "wing style" or hirupusutaaio (flip style).followed by "buy buy buy!!"
note that the IBM wordpad (OEM or palm) has BACKED OFF from the jap market earlier this year. meaning there'll be 2 left: sony or handspring. do they prefer springboards? no, i don't think so, it's too big. they use memorysticks cuz their phones use ms and their digital cameras use ms and their laptops use ms. no wonder. sony is a winner in asia.

but for the american and european market,up till now, they always give them the second grade stuff.
take imode as an example. they're starting the service in germany on 16th march. the new phone is made by nec (n25i? not sure) and the screen is only 256 colors; comparing to their 260thousand color phones in japan.
don't be jealous, if palm is smart enough, she better forget about the whatsoever company tradition, norm: same old designs, BORING! c'mon, be more creative, palm could have done better. and this is something palm must understand before the worst: financial reconstruction.don't follow polaroid baby.

So, as a Japanese, while your observation is basically what I agree with, there are a couple things that may be not so.

The cost, I've glanced a Japanese BBS talking about this one, some people say it's a bit expensive to get. Also, in the other thread I mentioned a report by a lady PDA geek, and her impression about this device was like: "This is indeed great. It has opened a new world to Palm platform. I want this? I'm not sure..." She's gotten about all the PDAs (all the platform, even some "mystery" stuff in Taiwan and all) avail. I'm like her. I do think this is a great device but I'm not sure if I do want one.

What I think is that Sony is originally making their devices for Japanese market first. And it's maybe selling well, then it's showing that they know what Japanese want. Then they sell the same thing in other contries. Do they like what they've made? If so, then it means people in other countries have similar preferences. Then, in a way, both people are simlar, aren't they? Japanese people are pretty different from say, Americans, actually I once wrote so the other day in a different thread. But there are many things that they have in common. I prefer my ENGLISH m505 over Japanese T600 but it's not only me. I bought another English m505 and sent to my friend in Japan. He barely can read English so to him using an English unit must be frustrating. But he tells me he likes it. He does have all the those cool cell-phone and other stuff. He lives in the place where he can get a cell-phone which has 65,000 colar screen, runs Java, email, a digital camera, MP3 play, and SD slot, many fancy features as a cell-phone (like second LCD) and yet CHEAPER than an m505! With his m505, he can't do imode, he can't browse the internet, he's having trouble inputting Japanese, and he is even working with Docomo now!

Palm is a very "English machine" in every way. The more I use, look at it, the stronger I feel so. It's very UN-japanese. But it's just like some Japanese are crazy about foreign cars, I feel this "American Palm" cooler than Zaurus or PPCs. I'm not the guy of "simple is best" and I don't completely agree with "Zen of Palm." Heck, where this word "Zen" is from :) So, I'm not complaing the way Palm is going. They anyway have never ever thought about what Japanese people think about thier devices when they were developing. And then, there are even Americans or Europeans who are dying to get Japanese Edition Palm even though they don't understand a letter of hiragana. I guess it's more like about people than companies.

the philosophy behind runing a company varies from culture to culture. yes i might add, palm might as well do the same thing. just like microsoft released their xbox in usa first, and releasing a mockingly smaller controller for "smaller hands for asians" afterwards. some people might consider this as racist... nah scratch that. and that is utterly righteous on commercial and national basis.
but what i'm talking about is that products can *change* to target to different markets.and it depends on how u change it.
sony has set a bad example. the company pushed the official price so high in other places other than japan that people prefer getting the japan edition and changing the OS themselves (which is against warranty regulations).
sony is trying to portray herself as an allrounded company: tvgames comsumer and prof. electronics, music entertainment, even insurance. this conglomerate is developing to be a culture. sony is not forcing people to buy it, sony might not be the most innovative, but definitely, she's the best copycat (when she copies). 3 monthes after nokia unvails her 7650, sonyericsson returned with 6 new phones, smartly scheduled to be released at the same time or slightly earlier than nokia's (that's why nokia's striking back with their 7210 the whole playground is not merely about product itself, marketing counts 50%.
in hongkong, people who get clie are those who want memorystick; not necessarily because they have DC with MS, but because the luv the "brand" and the feeling of a purple power, knowing there's stn w/ higher potential is available: the SD, for example, that's how sony entered the american market, as a new, fresh, mysterious and exotic asian company.1-2 decades ago.
i have a coupla of friends who work for sony's rival companies (panasonic, sharp) and they all agreed that sony the brandname itself has already whacked away 20% of the consumer when the 2 of them are placed side by side.brandname effect.
well we might as well talk about globalization but that would be getting more and more boring. ***taihenda*** so i'll stop here heeeheee

trapped in the maze of time..7:20 AM

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