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and for the umpteenth time...
Friday, March 29, 2002  

erm... haha.... read jon's comment ahahahahahhaha. sensualized violence? whoops!! looks like chinese itsn't a very healthy language in that case. ahghahahahahaha. awe geez, we have a huge cultural gap here. between 2 developed countries, homo sapiens will actually find themselves shocking or even offending eachother. ahahahahahhaha. i ended up laughing my headz off in da street, i checked the blog at a mobile internet counter... this is funny. chiense are exposed to such gory mess everyday, which in turn, has activated an in-born immunity to such so-called sensationalized violence. but i have to make one thing really clear, we don't like violence, nor do we encourage violence. in my view, a small spoon of elaborated violence is acceptable and is useful for catching attention (oh yeah, yer mad at me now cuz i had yer attention). when we talk about blood, we emphasize its significance and impact. imagine, when yer 10 meters away from a newspaper stand, what catches yer attention would be the red bold 6-stroke character: blood (for chinese). here, i think we should use the wordz "visualizing", "describing" or "emphasizing" instead of "sensationalizing". we're not psychopaths (most of us are not hahahahahahah). of course, we'll avoid talking too extremely at formal occations. u see, from 1.5 year old, we were forced to follow our momz to chinese wet markets at least twice per week, and there was where we're given the first biology lesson: pratical demonstration of autopsy. take a look at that if u have a huge china town at yer place, or go to san fransisco, they've got the biggest one there. u might think that it's sick, u might think that we're crazy, u might want to press alt-F4, but that's not all about it. it's part of our childhood, it's part of our inevitable "cultural heritage" hyahahahahahahah. one more thing is that our language displays violence more "shamelessly" hmm, or more directly. (i'm talking about informal or conventionally spoken chinese only)
what's the biggest fear of most traditional chinese? death. that's rite. so any word related to life or death or blood can create an impact during conversation. in spoken chinese, the word for "very" can be substituted by "deadly" or "fatal" at ALL cases without offending or shocking anyone.
e.g. it's hella hot in here. (english) whoops, english speakers sensationalize heaven and hell and dangerous godly stuff, wow!!
here, hot until death (what da heck, that's the word to word translation from chinese)
here, so hot that i think i must die to fix this (here's the conventional meaning)
so u can see that, such a small temperature prob can make us wanna die. so what happens when somebody jumps down from the sky? *pop and splat* that's rite. jumping down from a building is the most phenomenal way of suicide in hongkong, in such a small and crowded place, whrere we build all the buildings up up up high into the sky. it's so common that we don't sense the usual shock anymore. (do u? if yer having a colorful/brutal language as yer mother tongue?) squash some brain fluid on that (*ouch* here i go again, that's a chinese saying) we have a 2-syllable easy curse word for that action, we even have english alphabetal initials for that hahahaha.
ok, so about my day. so, finally, i watched a beautiful mind with my mom, dad and bro. it's not a new movie, i know, and u don't have to tell me that. i picked that one mainly because of the oscars, i'm not a fan of russel crowe (ignore the spelling if i'm wrong) and the story didn't sound apealing to me. but anyway, the movie itself was much better than i've expected. after working at a psy. hospital, i can tell that russel crowe does perform well, pity he haven't won an oscar for this (best actor), comparably, the gladiator wasn't as good as this one. *hmm* the story was touching, like everybody said, yeah it was, but not **that** touching really, i was like "awe, how sweet" and those ppl sitting beside me were about to cry, geez...

trapped in the maze of time..7:33 AM

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